Shadowrun 5th Edition – Hard Targets, plus shifter races for Run Faster

Hard TargetsSometimes the bad guys needs to be dealt with – permanently. Hard Targets is now available for Shadowrun 5th Edition, and the go-to resource for any runners that tend to leave a body count wherever they go. With the vehicles, magic, life modules, and gear necessary for the best assassins in the Sixth World, you won’t want to miss this new add-on for Shadowrun 5th Edition. Hard Targets is now available for only $9.99!

In addition to Hard Targets, runners can finally get their hands on the shifter races from Run Faster. You can now build characters who can shapeshift into dogs, wolves, tigers, and more. Shifter races have been added to the Run Faster package for Shadowrun 5th Edition, available for only $9.99.

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