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Gen Con: “Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition” Tickets Going Fast!

Gen Con is just 2 weeks away, and tickets for our “Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition” panel are going fast! If you’re a 5th edition fanatic, or if you’re just interested in...

Super Powers Companion (2nd ed.) Now Available for Savage Worlds!

Hero Lab

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a new edition of the Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds! (more…)

D&D 5th Edition July Update

Hero Lab

Our July D&D 5th Edition update is now available, including new spells from the revised 5th edition SRD, support for Epic Boons, support for Factions, plus bug fixes and more! You can download the...

Vote for Hero Lab as Best Software in the 2016 ENnie Awards!

Voting for the ENnie Awards opens today! If you’ve used our products over the years, head over to the ENnies page and vote for Hero Lab in the Best Software category! We also want to take a moment to...

Hero Lab nominated for the “Best Software” ENnie award!

We’re proud to announce that Hero Lab has been nominated for the “Best Software” ENnie award! You can find the full list 2016 nominees on the ENnie Awards web site. Congratulations to...

June Pathfinder Release – Spymaster’s Handbook, Path of the Hellknight, In the Company of Dragons, and more!

This month’s Pathfinder update includes new options for spies and hellknights, the next issue of the Hell’s Vengeance adventure path, and new Dragon- and Fey- themed character options from...

Gen Con 2016: Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition

We’re running a “Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition” panel at Gen Con this year, and the panelists have just been announced! This panel is a must-see for anyone curious about how technology...

June Shadowrun Update Now Available!

Another monthly Hero Lab Shadowrun update is now available! This is a bug-fix release that resolves several problems, including multiple issues with vehicles, drones, and more. You can find the full...

May Pathfinder release – Magic Tactics Toolbox, Inner Sea Intrigue, Mythic Spell Compendium, Spellbook Updates, and More!

Greetings, Pathfinders! This month’s update brings 4 new books to Hero Lab, plus some additional changes to spellbooks for new characters. Read on to find out more! (more…)

May Shadowrun Update for Hero Lab

A bugfix update is now available for Shadowrun 5th edition! Mathias, our lead Shadowrun data file author, has addressed over two dozen bugs in this release, including fixes for deckers, riggers, adepts,...


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  • If you haven't signed up for the Hero Lab Online Beta, this is your last call! We are closing submissions on Wednes… ,