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Point-and-Click Roster Construction

Now available:
Army Builder Roster Viewer
for iPhone and iPad!

We're excited to announce that the Army Builder Roster Viewer is now available on the App Store!

This new, free app provides you with multiple views of your saved rosters, including a standard print-style list, a "card view" with individual cards for each unit, a mobile view optimized for use on the iPhone, or a simple text summary, tournament summary or model list.

Find out more about the Army Builder Roster Viewer now!

What Is Army Builder?

For miniatures gamers, the Army Builder brand roster construction tool is as vital as glue and paint. But why have over 40,000 miniatures gamers chosen Army Builder?

Army Builder streamlines the creation of army lists, providing "point-and-click" simplicity and virtually eliminating mistakes. Instead of spending an hour to create a roster, it now takes a few minutes. Army Builder's validation engine constantly checks your roster against the rules for the game, flagging any errors with pinpoint accuracy.

Since Army Builder takes care of the math for you, you can quickly experiment with different ideas and refine your army list. Add a new item, subtract some models from a unit, change the rules for the roster - Army Builder instantly recalculates points totals and revalidates the roster, allowing you to make changes in seconds.

When your roster is complete, Army Builder can print out an invaluable "quick reference sheet" for use during game play, saving time and reducing costly errors. Between games, you can harness all this power and easily experiment with new army ideas.

Army Builder will save you hours of preparation, speed up game play, reduce mistakes, and even open up the door to new possibilities in your favorite games. Even one of these benefits would be worth the investment, but Army Builder offers all of them. It's no wonder Army Builder has revolutionized the world of tabletop miniatures gaming.

  • Build rosters in minutes - Army Builder handles the bookkeeping for you.
  • No calculators - No mistakes! - Make unlimited changes without reaching for your spreadsheet or calculator.
  • Instantly verify rosters are legal - Army Builder re-validates your entire roster with every change you make, ensuring compliance with the rules.
  • One tool supports ALL miniatures game systems

Try Army Builder for free, and see for yourself why it's the industry standard used by miniatures players worldwide!

Important Note to Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG) Players!
Card Vault is better suited for use with collectible miniatures games. Not only can you build your armies, you can also track your collection. If you play CMGs, check out Card Vault.

Features Summary

  • Create rosters for virtually any point-based miniatures game system with point-and-click simplicity. Data files can be created using the included tools and have already been created for the majority of games.
  • Running point totals for units and the entire army are maintained on the fly as you edit your army, allowing you to rapidly experiment with different combinations - Army Builder does the math.
  • Automatic validation is continuously performed, pin-pointing each problem to the specific unit or group of units that are at fault, and providing detailed information about what the problem is. The moment that you make a change to your roster that results in a rule being broken, you are immediately notified.
  • Save rosters as HTML, text or BBCode, making it easy to share your creations online, with or without point costs shown. Print preview allows you to check how your roster looks before printing it.
  • Generate "Mobile Output" for your roster and view it on your iPhone or other mobile device, or create a model list that consolidates your roster into a "What to Bring" list.
  • Customize your roster to suit your needs. Adjust the fonts, sizes, colors, and styles of the content. Adjust the widths of columns, as well as which columns are included and the order they appear in. Even add your own custom watermark images to your roster.

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Compatible With Game Systems Including:

Flames of War, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer Fantasy, War of the Ring, Warmachine, Hordes, Confrontation, ... and more!