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–  Downloads  –

Welcome to the Army Builder brand roster construction tool download page. Simply click on the "Download Army Builder" link below and your browser should ask you where to save the file. Once the download is complete, run (double-click) the downloaded file and our installer will prompt you through the installation process.

Download Army Builder

This download serves as the full product AND the demonstration version of Army Builder. Until a valid license is installed, Army Builder will operate in "Demonstration Mode". Demo mode limits you to a small roster, but it allows you to experience the power and flexibility of the product. This limitation is removed once licensed - no further download is required.

Download Army Builder for Windows
(V3.5c - updated 07-Mar-2016 - approx. 9.1MB)

Download Army Builder for the Mac
(V3.5c - updated 07-Mar-2016 - approx. 15.1MB)

Construction Kit - Included with Product

Army Builder data files are created with a set of tools that are collectively called the Construction Kit. If you are interested in creating your own data files - or simply making a few changes to existing data files - the Construction Kit is what you need. The Kit includes full documentation and a tutorial on the main editing tool, ABCreator. Starting with V3.2, the Construction Kit is automatically installed with the product.

Supplemental Downloads (e.g. Data Files)

Use the above link to view a complete list of all downloads available for Army Builder. In general, supplemental downloads are most easily retrieved directly from within the product via the integrated Updates mechanism. This list is provided as an alternative resource.

Anticipated Data File Release Dates

Date file authors will often provide an anticipated release date for when the next update will be post and what that update will contain. This link provides the anticipated dates for all data files.

Old Product Releases

If you are seeking older versions of Army Builder, the links below provide access to the V3.1 release of both the product and Authoring Kit.

Download Old Army Builder (V3.1c)
(V3.1c - updated 2006 - approx. 3.3MB)

Download Old Authoring Kit (V3.1c)
(V3.1c - updated 2006 - approx. 3.0MB)

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