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–  Frequently Asked Questions  –

Welcome to the FAQ for the Army Builder brand roster construction tool. While we've done our best to ensure that Army Builder is intuitive to use, there are various questions that come up with relative frequency. As the name implies, this FAQ contains a list of the most commonly asked questions about the product, along with our best answer. The purpose of the FAQ is to answer general questions about the product and its future. If you have a question about the licensing mechanism, please refer to the separate Licensing FAQ.

If you are encountering a problem with Army Builder, then it is probably addressed in one of the other Support sections, so please refer to those sections if the topic is not covered below. If you have questions that are not covered on this website, or if the information provided is not sufficient to answer your particular question, please contact technical support for further assistance.


Is there a "demo" version available?


Yes. Simply download and install Army Builder. Until you purchase a license, the product will operating in Demo mode. While in Demo mode, you will be limited in the number of units that can be added to the roster, as well as a few other limitations. However, you should definitely be able to get a good sense of what Army Builder is capable of within Demo mode.


I installed Army Builder 3.3, but now I want to go back to Army Builder 3.2.


When you run the Army Builder 3.3 installer, it warns you that files from your old AB3.2 install will be migrated to the new location, and that this process cannot be undone. This is a result of changes in AB3.3 to comply with new program requirements in Windows Vista / 7.

Because of this, there is no automated way to "downgrade" from AB3.3 to 3.2. However, you can do it manually by moving files on your computer.
PLEASE NOTE! You should BACK UP your Army Builder files before moving them around. If you move your files to the wrong location, Army Builder may not be able to access them any more, and you might not be able to find them.

Here's how to transfer your files from Army Builder 3.3 back to 3.2:

  1. Load Army Builder 3.3, and any game system.
  2. From the Tools menu, choose "Explore Folders", and choose "Program Data Folder" from the submenu.
  3. Do the same thing for the "User Data Folder" from the same menu.
  4. You should now have TWO explorer windows open with different folders in them - the Program Data folder, and the User Data folder.
  5. Create a new folder on your hard disk where you want to install Army Builder 3.2, for example in "c:\ArmyBuilder".
  6. Go into the new folder, and COPY (not move) ALL the files from the "Program Data" and "User Data" folders you have open into the new folder.
  7. Now, uninstall Army Builder 3.3. Note that you MUST do this before installing an older version of Army Builder, or things will not behave as expected. (When the uninstaller offers to delete extra files for you, say "No".)
  8. Download the old version of Army Builder you want to use. You can always download the newest version of AB that you're licensed for for by going to https://www.lonewolfdevel.com/, logging in with your license, and choosing "View Your License Details".
  9. Install the old version of Army Builder that you downloaded, into the folder you created in step 5.
  10. Your old version of Army Builder should now have access to the same files that AB3.3 did.

Please note - if you don't move files, or if you install the old version of Army Builder into a different folder from the one created in step 5, Army Builder won't be able to find any of the files you moved.


When will data files for game system XYZ be completed/updated?


Unfortunately, this is a question we simply can't answer. Data files for most game systems are written by volunteers. These volunteers work diligently to complete the data files as quickly as possible and keep them updated. We supporting the authors to the best of our ability, but the completion of data files is ultimately outside of our control.


What if I don't have an internet connection?


Army Builder requires that you have access to the internet, although it's not required for the computer on which you install the product. If you don't have a direct internet connection from your computer, you can complete the licensing process and obtain data files by transferring files to/from your computer via floppy disk or some other method. Having a direct connection will make the process much easier, since you can use all of the built-in facilities of Army Builder to handle everything automatically for you.


I have a Mac and a PC; can I use Army Builder on both?


Yes. You can use Army Builder on one computer for each license and secondary license you have. Those computers can all be PCs, can all be Macs, or can be a mixture of the two.
When transferring your license between two computers, it doesn't matter what type of computer it's being transferred to or from - the same rules apply regardless. See the Licensing section of our site for details.


Can I give Army Builder as a gift via electronic purchase?


Yes, you can. Start by purchasing a license normally via our online ordering system. Once you receive the license information, you can then convert the license into a gift. Complete details will be found at this link.


I don't have a credit card. Can I use PayPal to purchase Army Builder?


Most ATM cards now have either a Visa or Mastercard insignia on them. These cards CAN be used to make purchases via our online ordering system.

PayPal has established a reputation for being very difficult to deal with when something goes wrong with a transaction. In our opinion, security in financial transactions includes knowing that problems can be resolved smoothly through a responsible intermediary. In this regard, PayPal has not earned our trust.

If your ATM card does not have a Visa/Mastercard insignia, then you will need to either purchase Army Builder from your local retailer or have a friend or family member make the purchase for you with a credit card.


License has been renewed but user still sees old expiration date.


Odds are that the only thing you haven't done is get AB itself to recognize the new expiration date. When you purchased the license extension, that updated everything on our server. However, the copy of AB on your computer still has all the old information until you update it. Within the section of the receipt email covering license extension, there is the following sentence:
If the license reports as "expired" within the product, please run the license activation wizard again to update it.
Have you done this? If not, that should be all you need to do. If you have done this, please let me know and I'll investigate this further.


Will Army Builder and data files be available in non-English languages?


That is the plan. Army Builder has been expressly developed with the intention of supporting localization to a wide range of Western European languages. Data file handling has similarly been designed with translation in mind. While this capability has not been fully implemented as of the current time, we definitely intend to do so in the not-too-distant future. When that occurs, the ability to maintain translated versions of data files should also be introduced.


Is Army Builder available for the Mac?


Yes! A native Mac version of Army Builder can now be obtained from our Downloads page.


Will Army Builder be available for Linux?


A number of users run Army Builder under "WINE", so please give that a try. There are currently no plans to write a native Linux version of Army Builder. We receive very few requests for a native Linux version, so the demand simply does not justify the development cost at present.


Will there be a phone or tablet version of Army Builder?


We're currently working on an iPad port of another product, Hero Lab. Once that's complete, we'll be looking at doing the same with Army Builder.


Can I create data files myself?


Absolutely. An Authoring Kit is available that provides users with the complete set of tools and documentation necessary to develop data files for any game system. The Authoring Kit is a separate download from Army Builder itself to keep the download size small. You can download the Authoring Kit via this website and also from within Army Builder via the Updates mechanism.


What happened to the old "key disc" CD used with V2.x?


Due to lots of user feedback that the CDs were a hassle and due to piracy issues, the "key disc" CD has been discontinued. Instead, we use an electronic license mechanism that is thoroughly explained here. The CD version that will be sold in stores next year will be effectively the same as the electronic license, which is explained here.


When will I be able to use my own unit images within AB?


We had originally planned to include this in V3.0, but doing it right was more work than we anticipated and there just wasn't enough time to get it done. So this is something we will be adding in a future update.


When will inventory support be added?


There is no set date yet. Inventory management is a highly requested feature, so it's definitely something we want to add. We've already built some key components into Army Builder that will provide a foundation for adding inventory management in the future. But full inventory management will be a lot of work, so our top priorities are initially the core functionality of Army Builder and support for languages other than English. After that, we anticipate that inventory management will become the focus.

Based on feedback from users, we've created this list of the most common questions regarding Army Builder V3. If you have a question that isn't covered below, first check the general Frequently Asked Question section for Army Builder, since answers there are NOT duplicated below. For questions about licensing that don't appear below, be sure to check the Licensing FAQ. If you still don't find the answer you seek, please send your question to technical support for further assistance.


How do I upgrade from V2.x (or V1.x)?


Army Builder V3 is a completely separate entity, and there is currently no special upgrade option available. For more than a year after V3 was first released, we offered a 50% upgrade discount to existing V2.x users. That discount offer has now expired. You can upgrade to V3 via the ordering page.


How much does V3 cost?


The MSRP of AB3 is unchanged from the previous version. It remains US$39.99.

All license purchases include a full year of free product updates. If you wish to run Army Builder on a second computer, you can obtain a free secondary license for the purpose. Additional secondary licenses can be purchase at a cost of US10.00 each. At the end of the first year of free product updates, licenses can be extended at a cost of US$12.50 per year, granting continued access to product updates for the extension period.


Why can't I use V2.x data files with V3?


V3 was a complete rewrite, from the ground up. In order to provide all the new functionality and vastly improve data file authoring, a completely new data file structure was required. Consequently, new data files are required for V3.


What will happen to V2.x?


AB2 will continue to be supported until at least the end of 2005. At some point after that time, AB2 will be removed from our servers and support questions may be declined. Our current plan is to keep the AB2 licensing server operational after 2005 to allow AB2 users to continue managing their licenses. However, this ultimately depends on the costs involved and the number of AB2 users that remain.


Can I have both V2.x and V3 on the same computer?


Yes. AB3 has been specifically designed to co-exist with AB2 on the same computer. This is important, since some users will find themselves using AB2 for certain game systems until all data files have been fully ported over to AB3. The only requirement is that the two versions MUST be installed into DIFFERENT folders on the computer.