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–  Licensing FAQ  –

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive about the licensing mechanism for the Army Builder brand roster construction tool. If you have a question about something other than licensing or are encountering a problem with Army Builder, then it is probably addressed in one of the other Support sections. Please refer to those sections if the topic is not covered below. If you have questions that are not covered on this website, or if the information provided is not sufficient to answer your particular question, please contact technical support for further assistance.


What's the difference between the CD version and electronic license?


With both formats, a licensing mechanism is utilized and the product must be unlocked using the issued license number. Consequently, once Army Builder is installed on your computer and licensed, there is NO difference between the two formats. The only practical difference between the two methods is that the CD version includes the license number in the product packaging and you can install the product from the CD, while the electronic version requires downloading the product and delivers the license number to you via email. The licensing mechanism used is otherwise identical.


How will I know if my computer's identity has changed?


If your computer's identity changes for some reason, Army Builder will revert to "demo" mode. In general, you will also be informed about the identity change when you next launch the product. When this happens, getting Army Builder unlocked again is easy. Simply go to the "License" menu and select "Activate License". Go through the same wizard that you used when you first licensed Army Builder, using the same license number and email address, and your license will be updated for your computer. For more information, please look here.


What if I lose my license?


If you lose your license, you can have your license(s) automatically sent to you via email by our license administration server. You can access the server at any time via the "License" menu within Army Builder. The only requirement is that you keep your email address updated on our server so that we can send your license(s) to the correct place. Updating your email address is easily accomplished via the appropriate option on the "License" menu within Army Builder.


How complicated is installing my license?


It's easy. Within Army Builder, go to the License menu and select the "Activate License" option. A wizard will walk you through the process. All you need is your license number and either your access code or email address (depending on whether you purchased Army Builder in a store or online). Army Builder will take the information you enter, contact our license administration server, and retrieve the necessary key file to unlock the product. For more information, please look here.


What's the rationale behind the new licensing mechanism?


This exact topic has been addressed in the general section on how licensing works, which can be found here.


What if I don't want to extend my license?


This exact topic has been addressed in the general section on how licensing works, which can be found here.


What if I upgrade or replace my system?


This exact topic has been addressed in the general section on how licensing works, which can be found here.


What changes to my system will require Army Builder to re-assign my license.


This exact topic has been addressed in the general section on how licensing works, which can be found here.


What if I have to re-install the operating system before the waiting period is over?


Life is anything but predictable, and we fully understand that. Disk crashes, virus attacks, and assorted other nastiness can strike at any time. Our goal with the waiting period between license re-assignment is to mitigate piracy with an interval that works for 99.9% of our users. We have no desire to punish honest users. So if you run into a situation where you need to re-assign a license before the waiting period has elapsed, contact technical support and we'll usually be able to get things sorted out for you quickly.

Be aware, however, that we won't look kindly on those who abuse this lattitude. All license activity is tracked, and abusers will be held to the established waiting period.

For addition information on licensing, please look here.


What if I want to run Army Builder on multiple computers?


This exact topic has been addressed in the general section on how licensing works, which can be found here.


What happened to the old "key disc" CD used with V2.x?


In response to user feedback that the CDs were a hassle, as well as piracy issues, the "key disc" CD has been discontinued. Instead, we use an electronic license mechanism that is thoroughly explained here. The CD version that is sold in stores is effectively the same as the electronic license, which is explained earlier in this FAQ.