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–  Why Buy Card Vault?  –

Card Vault offers important advantages to anyone who buys CCGs and CMGs, whether you're a competive player, casual player, or a pure collector that never plays. This section outlines a sampling of the many ways in which Card Vault makes life easier for each of these types of gamer.

To view the unedited comments of gamers, retailers, and reviewers, check out the section Word On the Street.

Value to Competitive Players

For the competitive player, Card Vault's deck optimization tools provide a critical edge. Here's a quick summary of key features for competitive players:

  1. Deck profiling allows easy tuning of mana curves, resource production/utilization, and overall deck composition.
  2. Deck statistics track calculated information about your deck so you can focus on the design and optimization instead of the math. Examples include average resource costs/production, number and/or percentage of cards with specific attributes, etc.
  3. Card Vault's card combination probability graphs allow you to tune your deck around multiple card combinations, maximizing the odds of drawing the combinations that make your deck a winner.
  4. All profiling, statistics, and probabilities are updated in real-time for immediate feedback. Make a change and everything updates instantly.
  5. Reference the most recent printing of any card, so you always have the right information at your disposal.
  6. Quickly filter out exactly the cards you're looking for that fit the deck strategy you've devised. No more flipping through numerous binders to find the cards manually.
  7. After you've built your latest "killer" deck, let Card Vault automatically compare it to your inventory and identify the cards you need to complete the deck.

Value to Casual Players

For the casual player, Card Vault's filtering mechanism makes it easy to build fun decks around even the wildest of themes, and the inventory mechanism makes it possible to build decks for which you know you have the necessary cards available. Some of the key advantages of Card Vault to casual players include:

  1. Have complete spoiler information for every card at your fingertips. There's no more need to try to remember what every card does.
  2. Quickly identify cards that fit your latest theme. Making a red and green "safari" deck for Christmas? A few clicks and you've got just the cards you want. Or use Card Vault's filtering to quickly find suitable cards to plug holes during tuning.
  3. Let Card Vault track all the rules for deck construction so you can focus on the design. The validation engine will flag any errors for easy correction.
  4. Leverage the inventory mechanism so you know exactly how many of each card you own and only build decks for which you have the available cards. Or let Card Vault automatically compare your latest deck to your inventory and add the missing cards to your want list.
  5. Avoid creating poor-performing decks with Card Vault's deck tuning tools.
  6. Manage trade lists and want lists easily, so you can build the decks you want.

Value to the Pure Collector

And for the pure collector, Card Vault's inventory mechanism makes the onerous task of tracking tens of thousands of cards a veritable walk in the park. Here are some of the key highlights of note for collectors:

  1. When you have tens of thousands of cards, the big challenge is keeping track of them all, and entering them all into a database can be a lot of work. With Card Vault's batch editing, the process just became a LOT easier.
  2. Easy management trade lists and want lists lets you identify the holes in your collection and fill them quickly.
  3. For collectors, different card versions are a critical item to distinguish. Different releases, languages, styles (e.g. foils), and artwork are important, and Card Vault let's you track them with ease.
  4. Regular updates to data files provide complete card checklists for easy tracking. No more hunting down a checklist to make sure you've got the entire collection.