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–  Authoring Kit  –

The Authoring Kit allows you to use Hero Lab's powerful scripting engine to create your own fully-functional game systems.

What's Included?

Activating the Authoring Kit data package for Hero Lab gives you full access to the following:

  • All user-created game systems (i.e., all games created with the authoring kit by any user)
  • The Savage Worlds game system
  • The 4th Edition game system mechanics

Users without the Authoring Kit data package can still download and use any of these games in demo mode, preventing Hero Lab from saving or printing heroes created with these games. This allows you to try the Authoring Kit before you buy, just like any other game system.

Creating Game Systems

If you're interested in creating your own game systems using the Authoring Kit, we provide documentation to guide you through every step of the process, including a pre-created "skeleton" game system as a starting point, a fleshed-out "sample" game system, and a full description of how the Savage Worlds game system was created using the Authoring Kit.

You can find the Authoring Kit documentation here, on the Hero Lab Authoring Kit Wiki. You can either choose to browse it as a web site, or download a pdf representation of the complete wiki to search and view offline.

Here are some screenshots of the different game systems we've created using the Authoring Kit. You can find out more about our support for Savage Worlds and 4th Edition by visiting the appropriate pages.

Additional Topics

Other Games Supported: