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–  Buy Hero Lab  –

The electronic (download) version of Hero Lab costs $29.99. This allows you to use Hero Lab on two separate computers (with free secondary license) and includes one game system of your choice.

Click here to buy Hero Lab now!

Buy Additional Data Packages

If you already use Hero Lab, you can buy access to additional game systems, or new data packages for games you already use. One game system of your choice is included with Hero Lab. A complete price list for additional games can be found here. (Additional data packages are only sold through our online store.)

Because each game system is purchased separately, updates to the core Hero Lab program are free to all users.

See the Licensing section for further details on Hero Lab's license mechanism.

CD Version vs. Electronic Download

Hero Lab is available here as an electronic download only. The electronic and CD versions are identical in cost and functionality - the only difference is that the electronic version emails you your license key, while the CD version includes it in the product box. No "key disc" is required for either version.

Once you've installed Hero Lab for the first time, all your license details are managed online, regardless of which version you purchased. If you ever lose your license numbers, you can have them emailed to you 24/7 via an automated server.

Hero Lab is in wide distribution, and should be readily available at your local retailer. If your friendly local game store doesn't carry it, they should be able to order it - the product code they need is "LWD-201". You can check our Retailer Locator to find a game store near you.

Additional License Options

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