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–  Hero Lab 2.0 Features  –

In the leap to Hero Lab 2.0, we added a lot of exciting new features. For existing Hero Lab users, we've put together this page to help you discover them. Read on, and check out the screenshots on the right of the page!

(For those of you who haven't used Hero Lab before, you may also want to check out our Product Details page.)


  1. Multiple Heroes & the Dashboard
  2. Tactical Console
  3. Portraits & Artwork
  4. Stock Heroes
  5. Animal Companions & Arcane Familiars

Multiple Heroes & the Dashboard

At the core of this release is support for multiple heroes. Previously, Hero Lab has been limited to having one hero loaded at a time, but no more! You can now add as many heroes as you want to a portfolio.

When more than one hero is present, the Dashboard appears at the right-hand side of the main Hero Lab window. An entry is present for each hero, displaying their name and appropriate summary information - for the d20 system, hit points and armor class; for World of Darkness, their vitae, health and willpower.

Useful info buttons are also present for each hero - you can mouse over them to view important information. One button shows their special abilities, another their attributes and skills, another a list of their weapons, and so on. You should be able to find out anything you need simply by mousing over the appropriate button.

You can also click the crosshair button to switch to that hero immediately, or the bag button to grab gear from that hero and move it around.

(Don't worry if you're cramped for space - you can hide the dashboard any time you like, and switch between heroes from the new Portfolio menu.)

Tactical Console

As part of our Campaign Workbench support, we've included the first iteration of the Tactical Console in this release.

The Tactical Console is intended for use by GMs, or players who want to keep track of multiple heroes at once. Out of combat, it allows you to see important skills, saving throws, and other aspects of each hero. GMs can also add NPCs and enemies to keep track of the party and their adversaries all at once.

In combat, the Tactical Console shows you who has and hasn't acted, initiative scores, delayed and readied actions, and all the information you need at a glance - saving throws, armor class, weapon details, and more. The same buttons from the dashboard are present here, so you can mouse over them to see all the same details.

Portraits & Artwork

We've added two cool new features to Hero Lab regarding artwork. The first is portrait support - as requested many times by our loyal users, you can now include a portrait of your hero on printed output. (You can specify which image to display in the Gallery, on your hero's Personal tab.)

Second, we've included over 100 pieces of art (including over 50 pieces of original art) in this release. All the major races (Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Halflings, and more) are represented, so players can choose from a variety of different images to personalise their heroes. Monster images are also included, so that GMs can use them with the Tactical Console, described below. For World of Darkness, many images from official publications are included for your use.

Stock Heroes

Having a dashboard and tactical console is all very well, but do you really want to spend time adding the 12 orc warriors and their ogre chieftan manually? The answer is here - importing our stock heroes. Hero Lab includes more than 100 preconfigured "stock" heroes for your use; once you've imported them, you can edit them to make sure they're perfect for your game.

You can also import heroes from your own portfolios, allowing you to create your own set of stock heroes - important NPCs, common monsters that appear in your game, and so on.

Once you've imported some heroes, they appear in the dashboard and tactical console and are ready for use. When you're finished with them, you can quickly delete them and they disappear.

Animal Companions & Arcane Familiars

Now that we can support multiple heroes, we've added proper support for animal companions, arcane familiars and paladin mounts to the d20 System data files. Instead of choosing your familiar type and seeing simply "Familiar: Lizard", your companion is added as a linked hero. Once you choose his race, all of his statistics and skills are set up automatically! Bonus hit dice, feats, and ability scores are all automatically handled by Hero Lab.

When you print your hero, any companions (as well as mounts and other hirelings) are summarised at the end of the printout, giving you easy access to their statistics and gear lists.