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–  Hero Lab for iPad  –

Hero Lab is now available for iPad®!

Pathfinder character creation has finally leveled up!

The wait is over - Hero Lab for iPad now supports character creation and advancement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

With a Hero Lab license, you can create, advance, and play Pathfinder characters and NPCs just like you can on your Windows or Mac computer. We've adapted the familiar Hero Lab interface for iPad, allowing you to build characters just as easily as you can on your desktop or laptop.

Check out our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game page for more details on why Hero Lab is a must-have purchase for today's Pathfinder player!

Using Hero Lab for iPad without a Hero Lab license

Hero Lab for iPad can be used without a Hero Lab license, but is limited to Play mode when doing so. In Play mode, you can use Hero Lab like a character sheet during a game, but you may not add advancements (such as adding new levels) or create new characters. This allows you to take a Pathfinder character created in Hero Lab on your Windows or Mac computer, then transfer that character to an iPad for use during game play - even if you don't have a Hero Lab license assigned to your iPad. With our new support for Dropbox, you can even sync portfolios back and forth between your computers and iPad, so you'll always have the latest versions of your characters avaiable!

Because Hero Lab for iPad has the full Hero Lab engine under the hood, it gives you much more than just a plain record sheet - everything about your character is automatically recalculated as you play, including ability modifiers, stat bonuses, encumbrance levels, and more.

Any character created in Hero Lab on the desktop can be used with Hero Lab for iPad. This allows GMs who own Hero Lab to provide electronic character sheets to any members of their gaming group, regardless of whether the player owns Hero Lab or not. With this flexibility, more players than ever can now realize the benefits of an intuitive, dynamic and fully electronic character sheet!

What can I do with Hero Lab for iPad?

With a Hero Lab license, you can create, advance, and play Pathfinder characters just like you can on your Windows or Mac computer!

Without a Hero Lab license, you can still take advantage of Hero Lab's play mode! In Play mode, you can do use Hero Lab like a character sheet during a game, but you may not add advancements (such as adding new levels) or create new characters.

Just entered a Barbarian Rage? Tap the box and watch your Strength go up, and with it your damage, attack bonus, and skills. Apply the effects of feats, class abilities, and spells with another tap on the screen. Track your character's damage and see immediately how it impacts his abilities (assuming he's still standing...).

Conditions and effects can be instantly applied and removed. Martial classes can quickly swap out their weapons and spellcasters can swap out their spells, as appropriate. Find and create new magic items and have Hero Lab automatically calculate their stats. See the spells in your spellbook and pick between them when you rest for the night. You can even purchase new gear and have the cost automatically deducted from the character's treasury.

With full support for the Pathfinder game system, players can now see, at a glance, all of the character's abilities and pick which one is optimal for a particular encounter. This speeds up game play by eliminating the need to search through multiple books at the table to find the details of a specific facet of a character.

There's much, much more to Hero Lab than can be described here, but if you can do it in Pathfinder, Hero Lab supports it. Download the app and play with the example characters to see just why Hero Lab won a Gold ENnie Award!

Hero Lab is an officially licensed product and fully supports the Pathfinder game system, including content from the Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, and more. For more information on Hero Lab's support for Pathfinder, check our main Pathfinder page. Note that Hero Lab for iPad is a free app and does not require a Hero Lab license to use.

Hero Lab for iPad currently supports the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and requires iOS 6.1 or above.

Hero Lab for iPad now supports Dropbox!

Transferring characters between your iPad and your computers just got a whole lot easier! Hero Lab for iPad now supports Dropbox, allowing you to link the app to your Dropbox account. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to share photos, documents, videos, and other files between all of your devices.

Imagine this: You've created a character on your laptop for an upcoming game. You're eager to play your new barbarian, Chop, but you'd rather bring your iPad to your friend's house than your laptop. Just save Chop's portfolio to Hero Lab's folder within Dropbox on your computer, and that portfolio will automatically be available on your iPad wherever you have an internet connection. What if Chop levels up at the game? No worries, make the changes on your iPad and they'll be automatically synced back to Dropbox on your computer. It's that easy!

A basic Dropbox account lets you store 2GB of files – that's enough space for all the Pathfinder characters you could possibly need – and it's free! By connecting Hero Lab to your Dropbox account, a special folder will be created within your Dropbox to store your portfolios. Any portfolios held there will be accessible on Hero Lab for iPad as well as on your desktop or laptop computers.

Note: Currently, portfolios must be listed within the main "Apps/Hero Lab" folder within Dropbox to make them available within Hero Lab for iPad. Portfolios within any subfolders will not be visible. This is a limitation that will be removed in a future update.

FAQ: How does Hero Lab for iPad differ from Hero Lab on Windows / Mac?

  • Hero Lab for iPad currently only supports the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Other game systems may be added in the future.
  • Hero Lab for iPad allows you to create and advance Pathfinder players and NPCs, but encounter creation and management using the Encounter Builder and Tactical Console are not currently supported. We're planning to address these features in a future release.
  • Hero Lab for iPad can be used without a Hero Lab license, but when you do so, you'll be limited to Play mode. Without a license, you must create a character on your Windows or Mac computer, then transfer it to Hero Lab for iPad to use during the game.

Where do I get Hero Lab for iPad?

Hero Lab for iPad is available through the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered a number of frequently asked questions on the Hero Lab FAQ page.

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