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–  Shadowrun  –

This page describes Shadowrun support in Hero Lab. To read more about Hero Lab, visit the Hero Lab Features page, or the page for a specific game system - you can find links at the bottom of this page.

Please note! Hero Lab supports both 4th and 5th editions of Shadowrun. This means that you can use Hero Lab to create characters for either game.

When you activate Hero Lab for Shadowrun, you must pick one of these two game versions to use. The other edition of the game will be available in demo mode, and you can acquire full access to it for an additional fee.

What's Included for 5th edition?

(Please note that choosing this game does not let you create characters for Shadowrun 4th edition.)

  • Core data package includes content from Shadowrun Fitfh Edition Core Rulebook, including qualities, skills, equipment, and stock NPCs.

5th Edition Supplement Packages

The Run & Gun supplement is now available, and more supplements are coming soon! Click here to see more information on the available Shadowrun supplements for Hero Lab.

What's Included for 4th edition?

(Please note that choosing this game does not let you create characters for Shadowrun 5th edition.)

  • Core data package includes content from Shadowrun Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition, including qualities, skills, equipment, and stock NPCs.
  • The core package also includes stock portfolios for contacts and NPCs from Runner's Companion, Runner's Toolkit, Spy Games, Unwired, and War!.

4th Edition Supplement Packages

Supplement packages for Arsenal, Augmentation, Street Magic, Unwired, and Runner's Companion are now available! Pick up our Shadowrun Basic Suite bundle, and save 30% on the cost of buying all 5 packages individually!

Shadowrun PDF Bundle packages are also now available, including content from a number of other Shadowrun products, including Digital Grimoire, Way of the Adept, Gun Heaven 2, and the PDFs later collected into the Runner's Black Book.

Shadowrun Sourcebook Bundle packages are also now available, including content from War!, Attitude, Spy Games, and State of the Art 2073.

Click here to see more information on the available Shadowrun supplements for Hero Lab.

Shadowrun Features

  • Create player or NPC Magicians, Adepts, Hackers, Technomancers, Riggers, Street Samurai and other characters with ease.
  • For Shadowrun 5th edition, Hero Lab indicates how many selections you can take based on your priority choices. Not only that, we automatically calculate the most efficient way to spend your leftover karma!
  • For Shadowrun 4th edition, keep track of the Build Points you've spent on your character - Hero Lab will automatically warn you if you over- or under-spend during runner creation, as well as showing you how much you've spent on attributes, qualities, skills and skill groups, free knowledge skills, and more.
  • Once runner creation is complete, use the Journal to add Karma and Nuyen, and continue advancing your character. After creation, Hero Lab records what you spend Karma on, so you can always see how your character advanced to where he or she is today.
  • Add and customize positive and negative qualities, like Addiction or Home Ground.
  • See how many dice you roll for tests at a glance, with Hero Lab's automatic display of dice pools for skills, spells, programs, and more. All dice pool modifiers are automatically applied for you, making sure you never forget that +2 dice from a Smartlink, Specialization or Mentor Spirit again.
  • Hero Lab automatically calculates how many points of free knowledge and language skills your runner should get, making sure that you spend all you're entitled to.
  • Once your runner is complete, you can use Hero Lab on your laptop as an electronic character sheet, or print out a standard runner sheet to use at the game table.
  • Buy cyberware, bioware, weapons, armor, commlinks, and other gear - Hero Lab automatically tracks how many build points you've spent on nuyen and equipment at character creation.
  • Customize your Cyberlimbs with different armor and statistics. Hero Lab automatically applies the relevant bonuses or penalties to your damage resistance and other dice pools. Dual-wielding pistols with an Agility 7 Cyberarm and your regular left arm? No problem!
  • Full statistics are displayed for each weapon, including attack dice pools and damage values for semi-auto, burst-fire and full-auto firing modes. No more adding up weapon dice pools!
  • After character creation is complete, Hero Lab automatically maintains your credit balance, allowing you to track how much nuyen you have to spend after a run completes.
  • Commlinks and other gear can run programs, automatically keeping track of matrix statistics for your devices. If you don't want to worry about hacking, strip or deactivate the wireless capability from your equipment!
  • Associate lifestyles, SINs (real or fake) and licenses with different identities - with Hero Lab you can keep track of which identity is connected to what, so you know what to ditch when Lone Star is hot on your tail.
  • During a run, keep track of your current edge, physical and stun condition monitors, and even the matrix condition monitors of your gear.
  • Monthly costs (lifestyles and subscriptions) can be deducted from your character with a single click.
  • Generate PDF runner sheets, text statblocks, and optional appendix sheets including full details of qualities, spells, equipment, and more - Hero Lab puts all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Integrated editor allows you to add your own races, weapons, skills, qualities, vehicles, mentor spirits, contacts, equipment, and more!

Free Demo Version

We offer a free demo version of Hero Lab, letting you test-drive the product for an unlimited amount of time - no registration required! Download the demo now, or check our our downloads page for more details.

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