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–  Starter Edition  –

This page describes Hero Lab Starter Edition, the new free application from Lone Wolf Development.

Note that all Hero Lab licenses now include full access to the Pathfinder Beginner Box and Spirit of the Century game systems! If you've purchased a Hero Lab license for any game system, you can also download and use the Pathfinder Beginner Box or Spirit of the Century games. Unlike other games, you can save and print Beginner Box & Spirit of the Century characters in Hero Lab, as long as you have a Hero Lab license.

You can download the full version of Hero Lab or Hero Lab Starter Edition from our Downloads page.

What's Hero Lab Starter Edition?

  • Hero Lab Starter Edition is a separate, free version of Hero Lab that only supports Paizo's Pathfinder Beginner Box and Evil Hat's Spirit of the Century.
  • Unlike the regular version of Hero Lab, Hero Lab Starter Edition is free for all users! That means that anyone can download and use it to create characters and manage encounters for any of the games it supports.
  • For the Pathfinder Beginner Box, Hero Lab Starter Edition supports the character creation rules from the Hero's Handbook and Player Pack, as well as allowing the creation of monsters from the Gamemaster's Guide and GM Kit.
  • Players can create characters from any of the Beginner Box races and classes and advance them from levels 1 to 5. GMs can create monsters and entire encounters, and manage them using Hero Lab's powerful Tactical Console.

Check out our Starter Edition FAQ for more information about Hero Lab Starter Edition!


  • For new RPG players, Hero Lab walks you through each step of character creation, helpfully prompting you through the process. Meanwhile, experienced players can use Hero Lab's power and flexibility to create characters in minutes.
  • All modifiers to skills and abilities due to class, race, ability scores, feats, and more are automatically calculated for you. These include extra feats or skill points, save modifiers, combat modifiers, extra spells, skill bonuses, etc, saving you time and lots of page flipping.
  • Ideal for both players and GMs - players can create and advance a level 1 starting character, while GMs can create a level 5 orc wizard NPC to use against the players.
  • Let Hero Lab handle the complexity to make it easier for you to keep up with your character. Instantly see how many ability score bonuses, custom abilities, and other special powers you get as you level up.
  • For appropriate classes, choose from the full selection of customizable abilities. Pick your Rogue Talents, Arcane Bonds, Rage Powers, Bonus Feats and Arcane Schools - Hero Lab takes them all into account for your character.
  • As you fight monsters and gain powerful magic items, you can add them to Hero Lab with only a few clicks. Costs are automatically calculated and magical modifiers applied when you equip the item. Choose how much to pay, based on whether you find the item or buy it from a merchant with a surcharge or discount.
  • Damage, class and attack bonus of weapons is automatically calculated, based on the weapons, your class and your proficiencies and ability scores.
  • Unmet pre-requisites are properly flagged. For example, unavailable feats are marked with their list of requirements, so you can see at a glance which ones are and aren't available for your character.
  • Choose which weapons and armor to equip. Your attack bonus, armor class and armor check penalty are calculated automatically.
  • Generate a random age, height and weight based on your race and character class.
  • Once your hero is complete, you can generate standard text, HTML, BBCode or Wikitext statblocks, save your hero as a PDF to upload to a website, or print out a character sheet to use at the game table.
  • For players, Hero Lab Starter Edition includes level 1 versions of Valeros, Kyra, Ezren and Merisiel, so you can use them as a basis for your own characters.
  • For GMs, Hero Lab includes all the monsters from the Gamemaster's Guide and GM Kit, allowing you to import them into your encounters with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • GMs can use Hero Lab's Tactical Console and powerful in-play support to manage entire encounters, instead of using spreadsheets or pen and paper. Create your encounters in Hero Lab beforehand, then manage the combatants in Hero Lab to make combats a snap!

System Requirements

  • PC running Windows 8 (except Windows RT), 7, Vista, or XP (with Service Pack 3)
    or Intel Mac running OS X 10.5-10.8 (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion)
  • Internet access (to obtain program and data file updates)
  • 500MHz Pentium III class processor
  • 256MB RAM memory
  • 16-bit color video with minimum 800x600 display resolution
  • 50MB free hard disk space
  • Mouse or other pointing device

... and best of all, it's FREE!

Hero Lab Starter Edition is free to all users! Download your copy now, or check our our downloads page for more details.

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