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–  Starter Edition FAQ  –

Welcome to the "frequently asked questions" page for Hero Lab Starter Edition. This page contains a list of the most commonly asked questions about the product, along with our best answers to them. If you have questions, read on!

If you are encountering a problem with Hero Lab that isn't helped by the information below, see the Hero Lab Support for further details on getting help.


How much does Hero Lab Starter Edition cost?


Hero Lab Starter Edition is free for both players and GMs! Just download it from our Downloads page and install it, and you can start creating and printing characters.


Is Hero Lab Starter Edition available for the Mac?


Yes! A native Mac version of Hero Lab Starter Edition can now be obtained from our Downloads page.


How is Hero Lab Starter Edition different from the normal Hero Lab?


Unlike the full version of Hero Lab, Hero Lab Starter Editionis free for both players and GMs. It supports two games - the Pathfinder Beginner Box and Spirit of the Century. Any user can create, save and print characters for this game. The starter edition has no "demo mode", while the full version of Hero Lab cannot save or print unless you have a license for that game system.

Hero Lab Starter Edition has a simplified feature set compared to the regular version of Hero Lab, and does not include a number of features. These include custom output, in-play support for player characters, and the editor. Hero Lab Starter Edition does not support adding your own custom content.


Can I add my own content to Hero Lab Starter Edition?


Hero Lab Starter Edition does not support adding new content or game systems. It is currently limited to creating and advancing characters for the Pathfinder Beginner Box and Spirit of the Century.


Can I install both Hero Lab and Hero Lab Starter Edition?


Yes! Hero Lab and Hero Lab Starter Edition will happily co-exist on one computer. Please note: Hero Lab Starter Edition cannot load files saved by the full version of Hero Lab.


Can I use the Pathfinder Beginner Box or Spirit of the Century rules in the full Hero Lab?


Yes! All users with a Hero Lab license can use the Pathfinder Beginner Box and Spirit of the Century game systems. Just switch to this game in Hero Lab when you start up, like any other game.
If you don't have a Hero Lab license, use the separate "Hero Lab Starter Edition" application instead.


For the Pathfinder Beginner Box, are customizations like point buy for attributes allowed? Can I customize the character sheet output?


Since we assume this will be many players' first exposure to RPGs, the last thing we want to do is add lots of customizations that aren't in the official BB rules and will only serve to confuse them. Consequently, the BB version of Hero Lab is faithful to the BB, and customizations that aren't formally stipulated in the BB rules will not be found.

Character sheet output looks like that provided in the Beginner Box, rather than the normal Pathfinder sheet.


Which games does Hero Lab Starter Edition support?


Hero Lab Starter Edition currently supports the complete Pathfinder Beginner Box character creation rules, and Spirit of the Century, for both players and GMs.

For the Pathfinder Beginner Box, Players can create and advance characters up to level 5 for any of the 3 races and 5 classes from the Hero's Handbook and Player Pack. GMs can create and manage encounters with the monsters from the Gamemaster's Guide and GM Kit.


Why doesn't the Pathfinder Beginner Box include the In-Play tab for players?


The Beginner Box is targeted at people who are playing their first RPGs, so we were concerned that introducing Hero Lab's in-play support to players would be introducing too many new things at once. We tried to stick with the character creation sequence Paizo outlined - once you're done, you print out your character sheet and use it at the game table. We didn't want new players getting to the "end" of character creation, then being confused by the in-play and adjustments stuff before they'd even played their first game.

GMs still have access to the in-play tab, as managing encounters is greatly simplified by Hero Lab.


Will there be updates or new games added to Hero Lab Starter Edition?


We'll be releasing bug fix updates for Hero Lab Starter Edition as appropriate. We're also carefully considering supporting other games in Hero Lab Starter Edition, and we'll announce any we do plan to support in our newsletter.


Can I upgrade to the full version of Hero Lab from Hero Lab Starter Edition?


As Hero Lab Starter Edition is free, you can upgrade simply by purchasing a copy of Hero Lab. :)


What are the system requirements to run Hero Lab Starter Edition?


The Hero Lab Starter Edition system requirements can be found on the product details page.