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–  World of Darkness  –

This page describes World of Darkness support for Hero Lab. To read more about Hero Lab, visit the Hero Lab Features page, or the page for a specific game system - you can find links at the bottom of this page.

What's Included?

  • Core data package includes complete material from three books: World of Darkness, Vampire: the Requiem, Changeling: the Lost, and Armory.

World of Darkness Features

  • Create starting characters, experienced characters, or NPCs. This makes it possible to import an existing character, as well as enabling storytellers to quickly create antagonists.
  • Assign priorities to Mental, Physical and Social attributes and skills, and Hero Lab ensures that you allocate the correct number of dots for each.
  • Mouse-over information for Attributes, Skills and other advantages shows all derived rolls, allowing you to see exactly what your choices are affecting.
  • Dice pools for important advantages and rolls are automatically calculated, such as Speed, Dodge and Defense.
  • Character advancement is fully and accurately managed. Each advancement automatically calculates the appropriate XP cost based on the current number of dots in the ability. Appropriate caps, such as Blood Potency limits, are properly enforced.
  • Dice pools for weapon use are automatically calculated, and the effects of equipped armor are properly applied.
  • Optionally enable equipment and special rules from the Armory supplement.
  • Create Vampire, Changeling, Ghoul, Fae-Touched, Mortal, and even Ghost and Animal characters.
  • Unmet pre-requisites are flagged when viewing the list of merits, disciplines and rituals.
  • Clan, bloodline, and covenant dependencies are verified with respect to disciplines and rituals.
  • Access to rituals for different covenants is properly managed.
  • Derangements are fully tracked as you lose your Morality or Humanity.
  • Choose pre-defined skill specializations, or add your own custom specializations. Adjustments for pre-defined specializations are automatically applied to appropriate rolls.
  • Animal forms for Shape of the Beast are fully supported, with a simple toggle automatically applying the in-game effects of shape transformation.
  • Effects of merits, flaws, derangements, and disciplines are automatically applied, where appropriate.
  • Permanent adjustments allow you to easily adjust Hero Lab's behavior to accommodate changes unique to a particular game or storyteller.
  • Abilities that have been advanced become locked from casual adjustment, providing safeguards against changes that can invalidate all dependent XP expenditures.
  • The Combat tab provides an invaluable quick-reference during game play, presenting all pertinent combat-related Rolls and a convenient list of combat actions and modifiers.
  • The In-Play tab allows you to track damage, willpower usage, and vitae usage. Any effects due to damage are automatically applied to the character and all corresponding Rolls.
  • Users can prioritize the contents of in-play support tabs, such as the Rolls and Special tabs. Put the rolls and abilities you find most important at the top of the list for quick reference.
  • Effects due to in-play actions or the triggering of abilities can be quickly applied. Effects for disciplines like Celerity are automatically made available when the ability is possessed, being toggled on with a single mouse click. Other effects can be determine on-the-fly, with all adjustments being properly applied to the character.
  • Advancement discounts when spending XP are properly identified and applied to the favored merits of the Covenant.
  • Advancement tracking provides detailed logging of expenditures, including dates and game details, offering support for use in conjunction with LARPs and Camarilla events.
  • Decreases to abilities, such as the loss of merits or the effects of torpor, can all be managed properly.
  • Character sheet output makes optimal use of space by including important Rolls for in-game reference. You have complete control over which Rolls are included.
  • Full statblocks (in text, HTML, BBCode or Wikitext), as used in the official rulebooks, can be instantly generated for characters and antagonists.
  • Integrated editor allows you to add your own clans, bloodlines, covenants, merits, disciplines, rituals, weapons, and more.

More Screen Shots

Click here to see more World of Darkness Screen Shots and Sample Output.

Free Demo Version

We offer a free demo version of Hero Lab, letting you test-drive the product for an unlimited amount of time - no registration required! Download the demo now, or check our our downloads page for more details.

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