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–  Army Builder 3 Upgrade  –

What's New in Army Builder V3.0

Version 3.0 of the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool is a complete rewrite from the ground up of both the engine and user-interface. All the functionality you've come to expect is retained, and significant new capabilities are being added. New features include the following...

  • Flexible Rulesets – Mix and match army construction rules to form complex rulesets that model virtually any combination of rules a publisher can come up with. Change the selected rules "on the fly", and your roster is automatically re-validated.
  • Stylized Data – Data file authors can embed graphics and icons within text to more closely reflect a particular game. Stylized text (e.g. bold, italic, etc.) can also be used by authors to enhance the usability of data files.
  • Hot Zones – Use of hot zones allows authors to include descriptions of special abilities and other aspects within data files. Hot zones are mouse-sensitive areas that display the corresponding descriptions when clicked.
  • Fully Configurable UI – Change the columns shown and their widths. Take advantage of higher resolution displays to show more information, or simply tailor the display to your personal tastes. Save named views to quickly switch between common settings.
  • Filter and Sort Units – Instantly sort the list of available units by clicking on a column header. Filter the available units on any criteria, from the simple (e.g. all fast attack units) to the complex (e.g. all units with special ability X that cost less than Y points).
  • Roster Tree View – Rosters now use a tree view, much like Windows Explorer. Expand and collapse any level to see exactly what you want, when you want it.
  • Group Units Into 'Squads' – Combine separate units visually into 'squads', which are validated to ensure the groupings are legal. Move units between squads with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Option Grouping – Options are now grouped, with tabs to select each group in the options panel. This makes it much easier to manage options, and it eliminates the need for a separate "items" form (items are now treated as options).
  • Options Quick Reference – View an instant summary of all available options for a unit. See the price and description of available options for easy selection.
  • Global Options – In some game systems, individual options must effect all units in the entire roster (e.g. Imperial Guard doctrines in 40K). AB3 is being designed to accommodate that situation.
  • Customizable Info Windows – Expandable and collapsable areas of the main form can be used to display a range of important details about your roster. These include composition profiles, army statistics, unit details, roster notes, etc.
  • Model Images – Users can view images of models, either from the manufacturer website for a game or of their own painted models. Images can optionally be included in roster output.
    [NOTE! Management of user-created model images will not be in V3.0. This feature has been deferred to a future update.]
  • Skin Support – Custom skins can be created easily and distributed via the Updates mechanism. Users can switch between skins with a few mouse clicks.
  • Compilation – Data files are compiled when first loaded by a user, after which subsequent loads are virtually instantaneous.
  • Simplified Data File Authoring – The new engine is much easier to write data files for. This should translate into more users being comfortable writing/editing data files, faster development of files for games, and fewer bugs in those files.
  • Print Preview – That pretty much sums it up.
  • Foundation for Inventory Tracking – The new engine is designed to support inventory tracking of the models you own. Inventory tracking will NOT be implemented in V3.0, but the foundation is in place so that we can add it in a subsequent release.
  • No More CD Hassles – The need for the CD key disc is eliminated, so the nuisance of finding and swapping CDs is a thing of the past.
  • Language Translation – V3.0 has built-in support for language translation (western languages only). Both the product and data files can be readily translated.
    [NOTE! V3.0 will support English only. While all the mechanisms for language translation are in place, we didn't have time to properly test this functionality, so it will be added in a future update.]
  • Customized Output – Tools for customizing roster output will be included, allowing rosters to be tailored to each game system.

New Licensing Technology

Army Builder V3.0 adopts a new licensing technology, similar to the one utilized in our established Card Vault product. Each license will be tied to a single computer. However, we realize that many users want to run Army Builder on a second computer (e.g. laptop, at work, etc.). So a free secondary license will be available to all licensed users. Details of the new licensing technology can be found here.

Backwards Compatability

Army Builder V3.0 represents a complete rewrite. The engine technology is vastly different from V2.x to provide vastly more power and flexibility to authors.
V3.0 will NOT support V2.x data files. Doing so would have significantly compromised the functionality of V3.0. We are finishing up a conversion tool that should achieve about 98% conversion of V2.x data files to V3.0. We're working with data file authors so they can address the remaining 2%. This only affects some game systems, as many authors have elected to rewrite their data files for V3.0 to take advantage of the power and flexibility offered by the new engine.


Please direct all questions about Army Builder V3.0 to us via email at support@wolflair.com and check this page for updates.