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Note! With the release of v3 of the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool, all sales have ceased for V2.x and no further work is being done for V2.x. Existing users who wish to continue using V2.x can download existing resources for that version via the links below.

If you are new to Army Builder, you'll find complete details about the new version here.

Installation Notes for V1.x CD Owners!! If you are downloading V2.x and have the V1.x CD, there are a few simple details you should be aware of. Please review them to avoid any problems.

Army Builder - Full Product / Upgrade Version

If you are an existing user of Army Builder V2.x and need to download the product again, please use the link below. If you do not already have a license for V2.x, sales for V2.x have been terminated and you should refer to the new V3.x product. Until the V2.x product is registered, Army Builder will operate in "Demonstration Mode".

Download Army Builder V2.2c
(Updated 19-Sep-01 - Approx. 1.0MB)

Construction Kit

The Construction Kit represents the set of tools used to develop data files for Army Builder V2.x. If you intend to create your own data files or make changes to existing data files, you'll need the Construction Kit. The Kit includes full documentation.

Download Construction Kit V2.2b
(Updated 15-Sep-01 - Approx. 2.0MB)

Supplemental Downloads (e.g. Data Files)

Use the above link to view a complete list of all downloads available for Army Builder V2.x, with the exception of skins (see below). In general, supplemental downloads are most easily retrieved directly from within the product by clicking on the 'Locate File' button on the 'Select Game System' dialog or by viewing the available updates via the the menu item in the upper right corner. This list is provided as an alternative in case the updates are not accessible from within Army Builder V2.x.

Download User Interface 'Skins'

Follow the link above to view the list of available user interface extensions ('skins') that are available for Army Builder V2.x and download them.

Windows CE Roster Viewer

This handy tool allows you to view Army Builder V2.x rosters on your Windows CE device. After installing, drag any roster saved in Army Builder's public XML format to the CE device.
Important! This is a free tool that is not supported by Lone Wolf Development.

Download CE Roster Viewer
(Updated 27-Jun-01 - Approx. 3.2MB)