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–  Free Software  –

This is where you'll find software we've developed that has been released as open source software. You can find out a great deal about how open source software works by visiting www.opensource.org. A brief summary of each open source tool is provided below, along with a link to download it. If you have any comments or questions about these tools, please contact us using the contact information provided within the documentation for the particular tool. That way, your question will be routed to the best person to respond to your inquiry.

PDFCanvas DLL for PDF Output

This tool is a DLL wrapper around the open source PDFLib Lite library that can be found at www.pdflib.com. While the PDFLib Lite library is a great resource, it provides an API that does not parallel the way the Windows API handles printing, which makes it more difficult to integrate PDF support into an existing Windows application. The PDFCanvas DLL presents an API that resembles the standard Windows API for printing, translating that API into the appropriate calls to the PDFLib Lite library. This makes it relatively easy for a Windows application to integrate PDF support.

Download PDFCanvas (Approximately 6.0 MB)

XML Library (Including Code to Access Army Builder® brand roster construction tool V2 Rosters)

This is a simple class library that implements a lightweight reader/writer of XML files. Included as sample code is the ability to access the saved roster files created by Army Builder V2.x. The XML library does not attempt to support the entirety of the XML specification, so some facets like entities are not supported. However, this XML library can used to access a large percentage of XML files and provides a quick means of adding XML capability to a program.

Download XML Library (Approximately 150 KB)