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–  Licensing Details  –

The Army Builder® brand roster construction tool is made available both via CD-ROM and via license registration. The purpose of this section is to describe how the licensing mechanism works, both at a high level and in detail (the latter for those who just HAVE to know). For details on the relative merits of the two formats, please see the "Ordering" section.

The Licensing Concept

The registered version of Army Builder enables you to unlock the product on ONE specific computer. The license is bound to a single computer of your choosing, unlocking that computer. The licensing mechanism uses information tied to the operating system installation on the computer, so upgrading or re-installing the operating system will often invalidate the license. Since users will periodically upgrade/replace their computers (or encounter hardware problems that require re-installation), Army Builder licenses can be transferred to accommodate these occurrences. However, there are explicit limits governing how often an Army Builder license can be transferred. Specifically, a license can be transferred the first time 90 days after the initial date of purchase. Thereafter, licenses can only be transferred once every 180 days (roughly six months).

Important Terminology

Army Builder registration consists of purchasing a license, which is represented by a unique license number. Users then assign this license to a computer of their choice. If the user wishes to transfer their license to a new computer, they can do so, although there are restrictions regarding how frequently this can be done. In order for a user to assign a license to a computer, he/she must provide the system code displayed by Army Builder on that computer. Once the license is assigned, the user is issued a key file that will unlock Army Builder on that computer. This key file is quickly installed on the computer and Army Builder can then be used fully.

How Licensing Works

When a user purchases a registration license for Army Builder, the license will be automatically assigned to an initial computer. The steps required to register a computer are as follows:

  1. Launch Army Builder.
  2. Choose any game system and then create a roster of any kind.
  3. Go to the 'Help' menu and select 'Registration'.
  4. Copy the "System Code" that is shown on the Registration form.
  5. Go to the Wolf Lair web-site and purchase a registration license. As part of this process, the "System Code" must be provided so that the license can be assigned. The Ordering page of the web-site can be directly accessed via a button at the bottom of the Registration form.
  6. Once the license is purchased, the user will be sent a unique license number, a password, and the key file that will unlock the assigned computer. These will be sent via email.
  7. Return to the Registration form and enter the license number issued.
  8. Exit Army Builder.
  9. Install the key file that is issued. This can be accomplished by simply double-clicking on the attached file within your email program. This key file is sent to you via email upon completion of the registration process.
  10. Launch Army Builder. It should now be unrestricted.

Rules and Restrictions

Each registration license for Army Builder allows the product to be used on a single computer of the user's choice. The license is assigned to a specific computer when first purchased. The license can also be transferred to accommodate events such as computer upgrades and replacement. The license is assigned to a computer via a "System Code" - the code displayed by Army Builder and that you entered during registration. When you first purchase a license, you are sent a "Key File", which binds your license to the computer whose system code you specified.

If you need to transfer your license, you must provide Lone Wolf Development with the new system code of the computer to be assigned. This entire process can be handled automatically via our license administration server, which can be found at www.xlonewolf.com. A new key file is then generated that binds the license to the new computer. The rules for license transfer are that a given license cannot be transferred for 90 days after it is initially issued. Once a license is transferred, it cannot be again transferred for another 180 days. The 180-day interval prevails after that. Customers who anticipate needing to upgrade their computers more frequently than every 180 days are recommended to obtain the CD version of Army Builder.

If a customer with a registration license determines that the CD version is required instead, it is possible to purchase the CD version of Army Builder at a reduced cost (full details are available in the ordering section of the website). The CD version eliminates the need for a license, so the converted registration license will become non-transferrable.

Please Note! Upgrading the operating system of your computer IS considered an upgrade and will often result in a new system code being shown by Army Builder for your computer. This WILL require that you transfer your license to use the new system code. Therefore, if you frequently upgrade or re-install the operating system on your computer, the CD version is recommended instead.

Transferring Licenses

Each key file is linked explicitly to the license number and system code of the computer. This means that a change in the system code will render the key file invalid and cause Army Builder to revert to restricted operation. When this happens, a new key file must be obtained by the user. To support this, licenses can be transferred periodically. Users will typically upgrade their computers over time and/or run into system problems (like viruses and disk failures). These events will cause the system code to change. By allowing users to transfer their license, they avoid having to purchase a new license.

Users can transfer their licenses via the Wolf Lair web-site. The process of transferring a license to a new computer is similar to purchasing the original license. The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Launch Army Builder. If this is a new computer, you must install Army Builder before proceeding with the license transfer.
  2. Choose any game system and then create a roster of any kind.
  3. Go to the 'Help' menu and select 'Registration'.
  4. Copy the "System Code" that is shown on the Registration form.
  5. Go to the Lone Wolf Development Support Website at www.xlonewolf.com and enter the License Management system.
  6. Login to the system. For this, you will need the license number and password that are sent when you receive your license.
  7. Select the option to Transfer License.
  8. Enter the "System Code" that you copied from the Registration form and confirm the new assignment. A new key file will be sent via email.
  9. Exit Army Builder.
  10. Install the new key file that is issued.
  11. Launch Army Builder.

The Gory Details (For Users Who Just HAVE to Know)

Purchasing a registration for Army Builder results in a unique license number being issued to the user. This license is independent of any specific computer. It is derived from the registration information provided by the user, making it unique to that user. It is also possible for a user to purchase multiple licenses for use on multiple computers, as each license will be unique.

Associated with each license number will be a corresponding password that is tied explicitly to that license. The password is sent to the user along with the license number. This password is required to login to the License Management web-site and make changes to the license, such as key file renewal and transfers to new computers. Users will not be able to change their password.

Before a license can be assigned to a computer, a unique system code for that computer must be obtained. The system code for each computer is displayed on the Registration form within Army Builder, when installed on that computer. The system code is based on information entered when the operating system is installed. Therefore, changes to the operating system (e.g. upgrading the operating system or switching to a new computer) will typically result in the system code changing. If this occurs, the license will then need to be transferred.

When a license is assigned to a computer, a unique key file is generated that derives from both the license number and the system code for the specific computer. When the key file is installed on the computer, Army Builder uses both the license number and the system code to validate the contents of the key file. If everything is correct, Army Builder will be unlocked. If the system code changes for some reason, then the key file will no longer be valid and the license will need to be transferred to the new system code.