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–  Spread the Word  –

The single most powerful form of advertising is personal recommendations, and a major component of our success is glowing reviews from customers. We've put together some resources to make it easier for you to spread the word about our products. These resources have been assembled in the section below.

Tell-A-Friend Program

The Tell-A-Friend program rewards users for showing our products to their friends. Customers buying the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool or Card Vault via electronic download are invited to identify the person who told them about the product. That person then gets a special "thank you" gift from us: a FREE 120-day extension to their license!

Why are we doing this? Since we released our first product in 1998, our users have been our greatest marketing asset. Word of mouth recommendations have been responsible for more than 80% of our sales! So we established the Tell-A-Friend program as a way to directly thank users who spread the word about our products.

To take advantage of this program, just make sure everyone you tell about our products knows two pieces of information: your last name and the last four (4) characters of your license number. During the online ordering process, customers can tell us who referred them by providing these two items. When a referral occurs, the license extension is handled automatically, and the referrer is notified via email.

Website Reviews

If you have a website, please tell others what you think about our products on your site. If you take the time to write up a formal review of one of our products, we'll be glad to put a link to it on our website. Just send us an email with a link to the review.

Linking to Our Website

If you would like to put a link to us on your website, we would greatly appreicate it. Please link to the main page (www.wolflair.com), since other links on the site may change when we update the site. You are welcome to use one of the graphics we've created (see below) for your link. In general, we'll be happy to add a link back to your site with the appropriate group of links.

Hosting Downloads From Your Website

Some users have chosen to let others download our products directly from their website. This is a wonderful form of flattery, but it results in problems when we release a new version of a product, since there is no way to get everyone to update their sites immediately. This causes lots of confusion, since there are multiple versions of the product available on different sites at the same time.

So we devised a link that will always retrieve the latest version of our products from our website. The visitor never leaves your site, and he always gets the newest version! To do this, you must use a special link on your site. The special link for each of our products is listed below. You are welcome to use these links on your website.

Card Vault: http://www.lonewolfdevel.com/submit/get_product.asp?product=cv
Army Builder: http://www.lonewolfdevel.com/submit/get_product.asp?product=ab
Hero Lab: http://www.lonewolfdevel.com/submit/get_product.asp?product=hp

Graphics For Links

Placing a link on your website usually entails coming up with a graphical image for the purpose. To make linking to us even easier, we've created a few images that you can instantly use as graphic links from your site. These images are shown below and you are welcome to use the artwork on your site.

Have You Put Together Something Really Cool?

If you are good with graphic design, here's something you might be interested in. Develop your own graphic that can be used as a download link for one of our products. Then send it into us, granting us the ability to use the image and distribute it to others. Also tell us which games are your favorites. If we use your submission, we'll send you some nifty prizes to reward your efforts!