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–  April 2011  –

Welcome to the April newsletter from Lone Wolf Development! We're focusing on Hero Lab this month, since we've been busy adding new features and working on the upcoming Shadowrun data package. In this newsletter we discuss:

Hero Lab 3.7 Coming Soon

We continue to work on updating Hero Lab and the latest update, V3.7, is coming soon. Hero Lab 3.7 adds a variety of highly requested features, including:

  • Customizable output: By writing an XSLT file, you can generate totally customizable game-specific output for your heroes. Now you can work on that custom character sheet that you've always wanted!
  • Output multiple heroes: As well as just outputting the current hero, you'll be able to print or generate statblocks for all heroes in the portfolio at once. This is ideal for GMs running encounters, or players who have sidekicks, companions or familiars.
  • Scrollable tabs: Running Hero lab on a netbook or laptop is easier than ever before, with new scrollable tabs - instead of trying to squeeze more and more information into the same tiny space, tabs will now scroll when necessary.

And more! This update also includes more bug fixes for issues uncovered by you, our users, and includes other stability updates. Hero Lab has become the industry leader in electronic character management software and we couldn't be happier. Check out the sample custom output for Savage Worlds in the screenshot below:

Lone Wolf Development Is Hiring

Lone Wolf Development is seeking a veteran C# developer for our team in Silicon Valley. The right candidate will have a direct and immediate impact on new product development that will help shape an industry. In fact, you'll play a pivotal role in bringing a brand new product from concept to commercial release.

We're seeking a self-motivated individual with the drive and determination to make a difference. If you're a resourceful, quick learner, with a knack for creative problem solving and the desire to craft quality software, we want to talk to you. You'll be joining a small team of seasoned veterans who have developed and shipped dozens of commercially successful products. If this sounds like a great fit for you, review the position specifics on our website and send us your resume right away.

Shadowrun Updates And Preview

This week we have an update on our timetable for Shadowrun, as well as the usual preview screenshots for you.

When we were working on our schedule at the end of last year, we had originally planned to release the Shadowrun data package at the end of May / early June. Unfortunately, the complexity of certain elements of the game has meant development is taking longer than we had originally anticipated. As a result, we're pushing the release date of the Shadowrun data package back to Gen Con this year.

We'd love to be able to release the Shadowrun data package earlier, but unfortunately we can't do so without sacrificing the quality and ease-of-use that Hero Lab users and Shadowrun players rightly expect. Rest assured, we're working hard to get it into your hands as soon as we possibly can!

Now for this month's Shadowrun preview screenshots:

This screenshot shows how much Hero Lab allows you to customize your Shadowrun gear. Ammunition, modifications, and accessories are all listed here, and you can add or remove them with a single click. Note that since we have Stick-n-Shock ammo loaded, the weapon's stats change to display the damage value for that ammunition, instead of the weapon's base damage.

Commlinks, and most other gear, can also be customized. Here you can see a commlink with a Signal Module installed to upgrade its Signal rating, as well as a variety of programs for use in the wireless matrix. You can also configure, on a per-item basis, the status of wireless networking on an item and the presence or absence of RFID tags - perfect for buying something with no tags or networking, so it won't be noticed while you're on a run. Hero Lab also calculates the total price and availability for all items automatically, so you can see just what you're spending your money on.

Hero Lab for the Mac - Preview at Paizocon

The question we get asked more than any other is "Does Hero Lab run on a Mac?" and until now we've had to say no. We're proud to announce that the Mac version of Hero Lab will be shown to the public for the first time at PaizoCon 2011! If you're going to be at the show, come to the dealer's room and see it for yourself.

Keep Up To Date With Lone Wolf

As a reminder, you can keep up to date with what we're doing by checking out the following links below. We're also working on some plans for contests and other ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter into our 2011 plans, so be sure to sign up!

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