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–  August 2010  –

Welcome to the August newsletter from Lone Wolf Development. As the summer winds down and convention season ends, we have some news and updates we'd love to share with you. In this month's newsletter, we talk about:

Lone Wolf Now On Facebook and Twitter

Lone Wolf Development has joined the social networking revolution and has created Facebook fan pages for Army Builder and Hero Lab, along with a Lone Wolf Twitter feed. Keep up to date with what we're doing here:

By: TwitterButtons.com @lonewolfdevel On Twitter 

Pathfinder Add-Ons Available for Hero Lab

At Gen Con, we released the data file add-on for the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, the latest hardcover release for Paizo's award-winning roleplaying game. Leverage the APG add-on for Hero Lab to empower your existing characters with expanded rules for all 11 Pathfinder Roleplaying Game core classes and seven core races, or build a new one from the ground up with one of six brand-new, 20-level base classes. Whether you're designing your own monstrous helpers as an enigmatic summoner, brewing up trouble with a grimy urban alchemist, or simply teaching an old rogue a new trick, this release has everything you need to make your heroes even more heroic. To learn about what's in the data file add-on for the APG please click here.

And in September we'll be updating Hero Lab with the following content, each for the low price of $4.99:

  • Player's Companion Races #1 Add-On Package (Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes)
  • Player's Companion Races #2 Add-On Package (Orcs, Halflings, and Humans)
  • Player's Companion Regions #1 Add-On Package (Osirion, Taldor, and Qadira)
  • Player's Companion Regions #2 Add-On Package (Cheliax, Andoran, and Sargava)
  • Adventurer's Armory Add-On Package

Further add-ons encompassing content from the various Pathfinder Campaign Setting supplements will be released later this year. For a more detailed list of what's in store for Hero Lab and Pathfinder, check our forums.

Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Beta Now Available for Hero Lab

M&M 3rd Edition is the latest version of the award winning superhero game published by Green Ronin Publishing. This Beta data package is fully compatible with the recently released DC Adventures roleplaying game, allowing you to take on the roles of legendary DC heroes, or create your own superheroes to play!

Click here to learn more about the M&M3 data files, or take them for a test drive in Hero Lab today.

Tournament Ace Coming Soon

Until now, tournament coordinators have lacked a solution for managing tournaments, leagues, and campaigns, without cumbersome excel spreadsheets and stacks of paper. Lone Wolf Development is excited to put an end to that with Tournament Ace, our new tournament management tool, for release in 2011.

Designed for virtually everyone who manages competitive events, Tournament Ace makes it fast and easy to run paperless competitions, whether they are small in-store leagues or large-scale tournaments. Tournament Ace handles any type of event - miniatures games, CCG tournaments, even video and board games - with ease. With support for a broad range of competition styles (Swiss, brackets, round-robins, and more), Tournament Ace simplifies and streamlines the setup of competitive events, providing a wealth of customization options that can be adapted to virtually any style of event. Tournament Ace ensures events run smoothly by handling all the mechanics, letting the organizers focus on the competitors. It can even manage competitor registration before and during the competition, saving time for everyone involved.

To learn more about Tourament Ace and to see details on the event types and styles offered, click here.

Get Your First Sneak Peek Of Army Builder Here

At Gen Con a couple of weeks ago, we premiered the screen shot below from the upcoming V3.3 release for Army Builder. The new version is coming this Fall and is packed with new features, expanded content, and a host of updates. (See our July newsletter for the full rundown.) If you love Army Builder now, wait until you see what we have in store!

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