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–  February 2011  –

Welcome to the February newsletter from Lone Wolf Development! Winter continues, but Spring is right around the corner. We're moving forward with the plans outlined in our State of the Wolf update and to find out more, keep reading! This month we discuss:

Pathfinder and Hero Lab

For all of you Pathfinder fans, we have some exciting news this month. Content from the Inner Sea World Guide will soon be added as a free update to Hero Lab's Pathfinder data package!

The new World Guide is an integral part of the Pathfinder setting, and will be the foundation for a lot of future Pathfinder content. In addition, it contains a significant chunk of material that is already included with Hero Lab, mostly as part of the Pathfinder adventure paths. Because of these two factors, we decided that the World Guide should become part of the core data package for Pathfinder. When the book releases in March, all of our Pathfinder users will be able to access content from it by downloading a free data file update.

We've also released the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Package #5, which includes Book of the Damned volume 2: Lords of Chaos, Lost Cities of Golarion, and 1-2 other forthcoming books, which will be provided as free updates to the package when they are released. If you already purchased the "Campaign Setting Bundle" you'll get this as a free update. You can also purchase it separately, by going to the License menu within Hero Lab and choosing "Purchase Data Package".

Finally, we've now included the updated Magus playtest class, and the new Ultimate Combat playtest classes, both as a free update to the Pathfinder data package.

Army Builder 3.3b Arrives

We continue to work on updating Army Builder and the latest update, V3.3b, is now available. This update includes more bug fixes for issues uncovered by you, our users, and includes other stability updates. AB 3.3 adds a variety of highly requested features, including personal image support, custom output, optimizations for larger monitors, and much more. We're thrilled by all the positive feedback we've received for these new features, and Army Builder continues to reign as the de facto standard for tabletop miniatures players.

Hero Lab Shadowrun Preview

Work continues to move forward on the the eagerly anticipated Shadowrun data package projected to release in Spring this year. We've been working hard on Shadowrun for some time now, and everything is finally starting to come together nicely. To whet your appetite, check out these new screenshots showing Active and Knowledge Skills.

Keep Up To Date With Lone Wolf

As a reminder, you can keep up to date with what we're doing by checking out the following links below. We're also working on some plans for contests and other ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter into our 2011 plans, so be sure to sign up!

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