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–  July 2011  –

Gen Con 2011 is right around the corner and this one is proving to be a big one! We'll have new rule sets, new products to show off and at long last we'll have the Mac version of Hero Lab for you to preview. This month in the newsletter we discuss:

Shadowrun Data Set for Hero Lab

The long wait is nearly over - Shadowrun will be releasing at Gen Con next week. For our final preview before Shadowrun releases at Gen Con, we have two last screenshots for you. First, the Technomancer, showing complex forms, sprites, and an inset image of the Living Persona on the Matrix tab. Second, a street samurai with two identies, multiple lifestyles, and enough contacts to keep him in work.

Remember, we'll be releasing the Shadowrun data package at Gen Con next week! It'll be released concurrently on our web site on August 4th, the first day of the show.

Realm Works Unveiling at Gen Con

Only a select few ever glimpsed the early prototype of Realm Works, our innovative new tool that facilitates campaign creation, evolution, and story development. This year at GenCon, we'll preview the upcoming full product for the first time. This is your chance to see all the ways Realm Works can enhance your game.

Realm Works provides an array of intuitive visualization tools that let GMs organize key story elements and events, streamline game session preparation, and easily share created content with their players. Accomplish more, spend less time on bookkeeping, and spend more time actually playing. Stop by booth #1725 and discover Realm Works for yourself!

Gen Con Seminars

If you're in Indy for the Best Four Days in Gaming then stop by booth #1725 or one of the four seminars we're running at Gen Con this year:

  • Friday, 1pm-2pm: Army Builder - What's New (Westin : Council): If you're not familiar with Army Builder, or you want a closer look at the cool stuff we added in the recent Army Builder 3.3 update, this seminar will have lots of useful information for you.
  • Friday, 4pm-5pm: Realm Works - A Closer Look (Westin : Chamber): An indepth walk-through of Lone Wolf Development's revolutionary new product for RPG world development and collaboration between players and GMs. Discover how you can leverage Realm Works for your own games and what we have planned for the product's future.
  • Saturday, 2pm-3pm: Hero Lab - A Closer Look (Westin : Chamber): An in-depth walk-through of Lone Wolf Development's ENnies Award winning character management tool for a wide range of RPGs. Discover how to harness Hero Lab's wealth of capabilities for your own games. NOTE: This seminar is for beginning users of Hero Lab - for advanced users interested in creating content, please check out the following seminar on Sunday as well / instead.
  • Sunday, 1pm-2pm: Hero Lab - Adding Your Own Content (Westin : Chamber): The Hero Lab character management tool provides extensive capabilities for adding your own custom material to existing game systems. This tutorial delves into how you can readily integrate your own content with official game content. NOTE: This seminar is for users of Hero Lab who are interested in adding content using the editor - beginners interested in a general Hero Lab walk through should check out the seminar on Saturday as well / instead.

Ultimate Combat Debuts at Gen Con

The Ultimate Combat package for Hero Lab will be released Thursday August 4th at Gen Con, and will include the three new classes (gunslinger, ninja, and samurai), archetypes, class abilities, feats, spells, and equipment! Please note that some content from the "Mastering Combat", "Vehicles" and "Variant Rules" chapters of the book may not be in the initial release, but will be added after Gen Con as a free update through the Hero Lab update wizard.

Also, if you're looking for Rival Guide, Undead Revisited and Humans of Golarion content, they were recently added to some of our existing data packages (Campaign Setting #5 and Races #2).

Mac Licensing Details Revealed

Ever since we announced the Mac versions of Hero Lab and Army Builder, you've had questions about how the licensing mechanism will work with them. We're happy to announce that we can now get you answers!

Once we release the Mac versions, Macs will be treated just like PCs by our license management system. This means that you'll be able to purchase a copy of Army Builder or Hero Lab and install it on either a PC or a Mac, whichever you prefer. You'll also be able to use the free secondary license we provide on a PC or a Mac, regardless of what type of computer the primary license is being used on.

If you want to transfer an Army Builder or Hero Lab license to another computer, its type - PC or Mac - will not matter. As long as you're outside our standard license transfer time requirement, you'll be able to transfer an existing license from a PC to a Mac, or vice versa.

Also, for a limited time after release, we'll be allowing automatic early license transfers for anyone migrating an existing license from a PC to a Mac. This means that if you purchased one of our products recently and want to transfer it to a Mac, or if you're planning to purchase now and transfer to the Mac later, you'll be able to do so without having to request an early license transfer!

To summarize - Army Builder and Hero Lab licenses will be usable on both platforms without any extra fee, and activating a license on the Mac will be just like activating a license on the PC. We hope our future Mac users enjoy the good news!

Keep Up To Date With Lone Wolf

As a reminder, you can keep up to date with what we're doing by checking out the following links below. We're also working on some plans for contests and other ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter into our 2011 plans, so be sure to sign up!

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