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–  March 2011  –

Welcome to the March newsletter from Lone Wolf Development! Spring has come and we're keeping busy here at Lone Wolf. This will be a light newsletter, covering just a couple of topics. This month we discuss:

Podcast Interviews

Our Lead Developer, Colen McAlister, was interviewed by a few podcasts this month. First, we talked with the Podhammer Warhammer podcast about the state of Army Builder and our future plans; you can find that interview here. Colen also had a chance to sit down with James Dawsey on the Vigilance Press podcast where he talks about Hero Lab and many Mutants & Masterminds matters. You can listen to that podcast here.

Finally, Colen recorded an interview with the "Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast" that has just been uploaded. Head over to the Chronicles site to listen to it.

Free Update for Pathfinder Users

In case you haven't grabbed the latest update yet, we've now added content from the new "Inner Sea World Guide" and "NPC Guide" as a free update for all pathfinder users! This updates adds tons of new content from the new books, making it easier than ever to integrate Hero Lab and Pathfinder. And next month, we'll be releasing "Faiths of Purity" as part of our "Golarion #1" package, so anyone who's already purchased that package will get it as a free update.

Finally, we've now included the updated Magus playtest class, and the new Ultimate Combat playtest classes, including the Round 2 gunslinger, also as a free update to the Pathfinder data package.

More Hero Lab Shadowrun Previews

This week, we're showing off how weapons will be handled by Hero Lab's upcoming Shadowrun data package:

For ranged weapons, you can see how Hero Lab summarizes the information you need for the character. Each of the common fire modes for each weapon is called out with its own damage value and dice pool modifier, so you can quickly decide which weapon and mode to use for any situation.

We're starting private beta testing of the Shadowrun data package this week, so the release date is drawing closer! Keep an eye on our web site and newsletter for more updates.

Keep Up To Date With Lone Wolf

As a reminder, you can keep up to date with what we're doing by checking out the following links below. We're also working on some plans for contests and other ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter into our 2011 plans, so be sure to sign up!

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