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–  May 2011  –

Welcome to the May newsletter from Lone Wolf Development! Once again our focus is Hero Lab this month. In this newsletter we discuss:

Ultimate Magic Package in Early June

Good news, spellcasters - we'll be releasing the data package for Paizo's hotly-anticipated Ultimate Magic Pathfinder supplement in early June!

The initial release of the Ultimate Magic package will include new archetypes, class options, feats, spells, and more. Unfortunately, given the volume of new material and the short notice we had to enter it, the Words of Power rules will not be initially included. We're putting them through an extra round of testing to make sure they're ready - they'll be added sometime after we get back from PaizoCon (mid to late June). Don't worry, any users who purchased the Ultimate Magic package before then will receive them as a free update.

The Ultimate Magic supplement for Hero Lab will cost $9.99.

May Shadowrun Updates

This month we're showing off Shadowrun's Magic tab for the "Radical Eco-Shaman" character. The Magic tab allows you to pick a Mentor Spirit, add spells, and summon spirits to aid your character. Note how the dice pool for each spell is displayed separately, taking into account the appropriate mentor spirit or skill specialization bonuses.

As we mentioned last month, when we were working on our schedule at the end of last year, we had originally planned to release the Shadowrun data package around this time. Unfortunately, the complexity of certain elements of the game has meant development is taking longer than we had originally anticipated. As a result, we're pushing the release date of the Shadowrun data package back to Gen Con this year - we'll continue to keep you updated on our progress until then.

Lone Wolf Development at PaizoCon 2011

Lone Wolf Development will be at PaizoCon on June 10th - 12th! We'll be demoing and selling Hero Lab there, including showing off Hero Lab on the Mac for the first time. We'll also be running a character creation kiosk, allowing people to try out Hero Lab by building the character they'll use in games there.

Finally, we'll also be hosting a seminar titled "Making Hero Lab Work For You" on Saturday June 11th from 1pm - 2pm, which will show you how to use Hero Lab's integrated editor to enter new content for Pathfinder. You can check out the seminar details here.

See you at the con!

Hero Lab 3.7 Coming Late May / Early June

We continue to work on updating Hero Lab, and the next upcoming update, V3.7, will be arriving in just a couple of weeks. Hero Lab 3.7 adds a variety of highly requested features, including:

  • The ability to track third-party updates you have installed, and their versions, with Hero Lab's improved updates mechanism. Hero Lab 3.7 allows you to add multiple secondary update sources, and now includes improved tracking of which third-party updates you have installed, allowing you to install new versions and remove old updates more easily.
  • Customizable output: By writing an XSLT file, you can generate totally customizable game-specific output for your heroes. Now you can work on that custom character sheet that you've always wanted!
  • Output multiple heroes: As well as just outputting the current hero, you'll be able to print or generate statblocks for all heroes in the portfolio at once. This is ideal for GMs running encounters, or players who have sidekicks, companions or familiars.
  • Scrollable tabs: Running Hero lab on a netbook or laptop is easier than ever before, with new scrollable tabs - instead of trying to squeeze more and more information into the same tiny space, tabs will now scroll when necessary.

And more!

Keep Up To Date With Lone Wolf

As a reminder, you can keep up to date with what we're doing by checking out the following links below. We're also working on some plans for contests and other ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter into our 2011 plans, so be sure to sign up!

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