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–  November 2010  –

Welcome to the November newsletter from Lone Wolf Development! The holidays are right around the corner, time we'll spend with friends and family. As you get ready to sit down next to your Uncle Buck this holiday season, please take a few minutes to look over our newsletter. It might give the two of you something to talk about! In this month's newsletter, we discuss:

Army Builder Images Preview - Release Set for December

As Army Builder 3.3 draws closer to release, we'd like to show off another of our big new features. This one has had more requests over the last few years than almost anything else - custom user images.

In AB3.3, you'll be able to associate your own images with units, to display them both on-screen and in printed roster output. Here's a screenshot that shows us editing the images for a unit:

You can add as many images to your units as you like, although you can only print one image per unit. If you have multiple different images for a unit, you can choose to print different ones for different copies of that unit. In this example, we've used a different banner for each unit as the image to print, so you can easily identify which unit is which on the battlefield.

Finally, the images you add can also be displayed in an info window. Coupled with Army Builder 3.3's new Widescreen mode, this lets you view a large image of your units as you build them into a roster.

(Thanks to Peter Grose for permission to use his model images.)

For months now, we've teased about Army Builder version 3.3, and it's almost here. Beta testing has begun, and we're planning to release the final version of AB3.3 in December. We're less than a month away!

We're excited about this release, and we know you will be too. Keep an eye on our web site and forums, and on the Army Builder Updates list, for news of the release. Once Army Builder 3.3 is released next month, you'll be able to try out these great new features for yourself!

Hero Lab Updates

We've released an update to Hero Lab which brings it up to version 3.6g. This update includes some bug fixes, plus a few minor enhancements to the software. To make sure you're using the most up to date version, please use the updates mechanism included with Hero Lab.

Six months ago, we teamed up with Paizo to make Hero Lab the only officially licensed character management tool for Pathfinder. Since then we've been steadily releasing updates and new data packages, including the Bestiary, Advanced Players Guide, Gamemastery Guide, and most of the Player's Companion feats and rules.

This month we added the Player's Companion Races #2 dataset, including Orcs of Golarion, which is now available within Hero Lab. In the near future we'll be adding all of the monsters from the upcoming Bestiary 2, along with many supplements from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line.

To learn more about Hero Lab and the Pathfinder data sets, please visit our website.

Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Updates

In December, we'll be officially releasing the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition game system, to correspond with the release of the game. The data is available in beta right now, so if you're a fan of Mutants and Masterminds, you can check it out within Hero Lab as usual.

To learn more about Hero Lab and the Mutants & Masterminds data sets, please visit our website.

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