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–  October 2010  –

Welcome to the October newsletter from Lone Wolf Development. We're just a few days away from the scariest night of the year, but before the ghosts and goblins come begging for candy, please look over the newsletter for some exciting developments at the Wolf Lair. In this month's newsletter, we talk about:

More Details on Realm Works

Last month we talked a little about Realm Works and how it's being designed from the ground up to help you create, run, and manage your games. In this month's newsletter, we're going to explore more of what exactly Realm Works does and how it will revolutionize the creation of game content.

Realm Works is a collaborative tool for the creation, ongoing evolution, and sharing of campaign content. As such, Realm Works is tailored first and foremost for GMs, but the dissemination of content to players and even contributions by players represent an integral part of the overall product concept. Some of the basic features of Realm Works include the following:

  • Edit and revise content as easily as you do within your favorite word processor.
  • Evolve and maintain a "world bible", with clear knowledge of what content has (or hasn't) been revealed to players.
  • Create links between elements to reflect all the interconnections of your realm (e.g. people to the locations they appear in, quests they are involved in, and whether or not their secrets have been revealed).
  • Carve content into individual snippets of information that can be selectively revealed to the players.
  • Navigate between related content as easily as browsing the internet – no laborious scrolling or searching to find linked information.
  • Reveal individual snippets of content to players with a single mouse-click, while keeping hidden the secrets they haven't discovered yet.
  • Embed external game elements like maps, images, Hero Lab portfolios, even audio and video, into content for instant access during the game.
  • Completely customizable to suit any genre (fantasy, sci-fi, modern, etc.), any game system, and any play style.

We'll even be including a fully playable region, town, and adventure written by game industry superstars like Owen K.C. Stephens, Charles Ryan, Jeff Quick, and Steve Winter to demonstrate the power of Realm Works and provide examples of how to leverage the tool for your game. We're pretty excited about Realm Works and can't wait to tell you more about it.

We'll be opening Realm Works up to Beta testing in a couple of months, but until then, please click here to learn more about Realm Works.

Tournament Text Output for Army Builder

We'll be starting Beta testing shortly for AB3.3. You can find out more details on our forums in the coming weeks so be sure to check them periodically. To get you ready for that, here's some info on one of the new features we've been adding: Tournament Text Output.

When you're building a roster for a tournament, you'll often need to supply a copy to the organizer to verify your army list. The organizer probably doesn't care about unit statistics, or special abilities, or the equipment your units get for free - all he wants to know is:

  • How many models did you take, and from which units?
  • For each unit, did you pick any options that cost points? If so, what's the total cost per model, and the total cost of the unit as a whole, so he can check your math if necessary?
  • What's the total point cost for the army?
  • What are the composition group breakdowns of your army?
  • Did your army break any validation rules?

As you can see, this includes a lot of information that you, the player, don't need to see on your own printed output. When you're playing, it doesn't matter whether you paid 2 points per model for a weapon, or whether that unit gets it for free.

Army Builder 3.3 adds a new type of output, optimized for tournament organizers to make their job easier. The new output type includes all the above information, without the distracting details that are irrelevant to an organizer. All you get is model counts and points costs.

As you can see from the screenshot below, we've integrated tournament text output into the regular Text Summary Output form along with roster output and model list output. We've even added some new capabilities to text output. In addition to the old BBCode and HTML output formats, you can now generate a Wikitext roster and a plain text roster (that can be printed or saved as a PDF.)

Hero Lab and Pathfinder

We've been integrating more and more of the supplemental Pathfinder content into Hero Lab over the last couple of months, and our first Pathfinder Campaign Setting packages are now going through approvals and review with Paizo. These will include popular books like the Faction Guide, Seekers of Secrets, and more - look for these to arrive sometime in November. In addition, we've been adding new features and functionality to the core Pathfinder data files as free updates since our last newsletter.

Remember, you can always download updated data files through Hero Lab's integrated updates mechanism! Here's a summary of the major changes we've made:

  • All 80 plus pages of NPCs from the Gamemastery Guide are now available as stock heroes.
  • The playtest version of the Magus base class is available.
  • The updates allow for one-click adjustments for some common spells, class abilities, and combat status, including handling for special situations like the Cavalier being mounted on his class mount.
  • Hero Lab now includes one-click customization of NPCs, allowing you to change out the default feats / skills of an NPC race.
  • All of the content from the Advanced Players Guide is now included.
  • All Artifacts and Cursed Items from the core rulebook are available.
  • The data files have been updated to include Pathfinder Society rules and Core Rulebook Errata 3.0.

Hero Lab is the only officially licensed character management software tool for Pathfinder, and soon you'll be able to use almost every book Paizo has released to build your character. You can download a free demo of Hero Lab here - take it for a test drive today!

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We're pretty excited by the number of "Like's" Hero Lab and Army Builder have been getting, plus the number of Followers our Twitter feed has received. If you haven't checked any of them out, you can keep up to date with what we're doing by checking out the following links:

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