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–  Event Execution  –

Once participants arrive for an event, the organizer needs to focus on the human component, getting competitors organized and situated, answering questions, and solving problems that arise. All the mechanics of the event should simply work, with the tools available to quickly address unexpected situations and participants being empowered to handle things themselves to offload the organizer. This is an area where Tournament Ace shines, yielding a smooth-running event with minimum effort by letting the tool do all the data-crunching.

Seeding the Tournament

Tournament Ace lets you auto-seed any number of players with a single button click. Alternatively, you can manually seed players to get the perfect matchups for your event. You can even combine the two methods, manually seeding some players and auto-seeding the rest.

Smart Seeding

To make the tournament fun for all participants, you'll want to take steps to ensure a more "balanced" competition. This is important for events involving a mix of veterans and casual players. Tournament Ace offers a variety of seeding adjustments that can be combined in various ways to suit virtually any event.

Many events prefer to avoid re-pairing competitors that have already faced each other in the event. For events with participants coming in groups from different areas, it may be preferable to avoid pairing competitors from the same region (so they can play unfamiliar opponents). Tournament Ace also offers an array of tie-breaking algorithms that should suit the requirements of just about any event organizer.

Onsite Competitor Access

Set up secure, competitor-only terminals at the event location, allowing players to register on-site, inspect event details, view current standings & seeding, record their game results, and display awards earned.

Reports & Analysis

View and edit reports for each game, or use statistical analysis tools to examine how players are performing. Output the nuts-and-bolts data in print, plain text, or even HTML for easy posting online after the event.

Application Integration

Player resources can be submitted during registration, allowing organizers to review them. For example, tabletop miniatures players can submit their army rosters created with Army Builder. This simplifies the assignment of composition scores, since the roster can be readily reviewed at any time.

Automated Clock

Use Tournament Ace's built-in clock to display the countdown remaining for the current game. Detach the clock from the Tournament Ace main window and display it on an LCD projector so the players can see how much time they have left for the current game.

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