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–  Event Preparation  –

In this digital age, event setup and registration should be streamlined and automated, with the event organizer configuring the event and competitors registering without muss or fuss. Additionally, numerous tournaments and leagues feature customizations that uniquely reflect the event, and a truly useful tool must be highly adaptive to these needs. Tournament Ace handles all this smoothly.

Multiple Scoring Mechanics

Scoring is used to determine the winners of the competition. You can choose from a variety of scoring mechanics (raw scores, win/lose/draw, etc), use multiple scoring mechanics concurrently, set "bye" levels, set the point values for achieving up to seven levels of victory / defeat, and specify exactly how the winner of your tournament is determined.

Soft Scores

As well as points from winning games, you can assign "soft" scores based on various criteria you establish and integrate these soft scores at the end of the tournament. For tabletop miniatures, these might include army composition, sportsmanship, appearance & presentation, and even "competitor's choice" voting. For CCGs, deck composition and sportsmanship scores might be appropriate. Soft scores can be assigned by judges or other competitors, as determined by the event organizer.


Once an event completes, prizes can be awarded based on however you choose to configure the event. The top few finishers can be recognized, the single best finisher, or whatever you choose. You can even recognize the participants with the lowest scores if you wish, or restrict awards to competitors that meet specific criteria (e.g. those fielding "good" armies vs. "evil" armies in a miniatures game).

Diverse Handicapping

To enable more "balanced" events, Tournament Ace supports a diverse assortment of handicapping options. Traditional handicapping can be employed, including raw adjustments for each player, experience-based handicaps, and formal rankings. For example, competitors could be rated based on their relative experience level (e.g. novice, veteran, etc.) and paired accordingly.

For appropriate events, such as tabletop miniatures, additional techniques can be leveraged, such as objective point bidding and judges' composition score. Weightings could be ascribed to "cheesy" versus well-made armies (e.g. composition scores), "codex creep" can be offset by weighting the army books, or nearly anything else you can think of. When appropriate, a static "competitor rating" can be used to handicap players, such as a Magic player's DCI rating, or to "sort the herd" in Halo tournaments.

Scheduling Options

Tournament Ace can generate and manage sites for you, whether they be table assignments, rooms, or other customizable locations. Once sites are created, Tournament Ace can automatically schedule games and assign players to appropriate sites.

Automatic Mission Generation

For tabletop miniatures games, the optional mission generator tool makes it easier than ever to give your players interesting missions. Customize missions, deployments, and objectives, and save them for use in future events. Tournament Ace can even generate a player "tournament packet" that includes all these details.

Online Event Finder and Registration

Tournament Ace makes it easy for competitors to quickly find local events of interest. They can search for events that meet whatever criteria they choose. Once events are identified, they can easily register for those events, making the entire process smooth and efficient.

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