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–  Event Types  –

Different types of events call for different styles of competition, ranging from structured brackets and Swiss-style pairings to flexible campaigns. Thanks to its versatility, Tournament Ace enables the efficient handling of virtually any competitive event, whether it be tabletop miniatures, CCGs, board games, video games, or something else entirely.

Swiss System

In a Swiss-style tournament, Tournament Ace pits competitors against others who have done equally well (or poorly) - winners play winners and losers play losers. Weighted seeding adjustments can be established to balance the competition between veteran and casual players. This might take the form of a formal handicap score, or it could be specific to a particular type of event.


Tournament Ace supports playoff-style brackets, including single elimination, double elimination, and consolation brackets. Seeding can be handled manually or automatically, or even automatically with manual overrides. In addition, seeding can incorporate other factors to facilitate a more "balanced" event, such as handicapping.

Open Campaign

In an open campaign, opponents are dictated according to the rules and progression of the campaign, and an optional map visualization is available to show the current status of the campaign. This mode is ideal for casual campaigns between friends and thematic organized events.

Round Robin

In a "round robin" tournament or league, each competitor plays every other a single time. Multiple divisions are supported to support "pool play", and seeding adjustments can be used to create the starting division assignments.


The "season" is a collection of multiple competitions, with each played in sequence. Each competition can have its own winners, as well as an overall winner for the season. Results can be weighted with a variety of factors, as required.

Complex Events

Sometimes, an event will be comprised of multiple stages, each with its own format and behaviors. For example, Swiss-style or round-robin pairing might be used to identify the top N finishers, after which a single-elimination playoff is held to determine the final champion. Tournament Ace can even handle complex events like this.

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