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Published 1/17/2017 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
5th Edition Hero lab version 2.0 is available now! Be sure to update and check out our new 5th edition data packages while you're at it! Looking for a list of bug fixes and enhancements? You can find those here. Midgard Heroes The deep voices of giants chant in the hills and forests. Red-cloaked cultists gather to perform their unholy rites, and howling tribes of dust goblins ride out of the Western Wastes to sack villages and towns. [caption id="attachment_6107"... more
Published 1/14/2017 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
WARNING! We don’t typically update on weekends as our staff is off and unable to respond to bug fixes until Monday.  This one time, we have broken with tradition and our developers are standing by. We still do not recommend updating right before a game. If you choose to update and you encounter a bug, please send a report to and we will address it as swiftly as possible Introducing Import & Export! Greetings from the Wolf Lair! We’ve all been working... more
Published 1/6/2017 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
Hail, Masterminds! Version 3.8 of Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition is available now. Read all about the latest enhancements here and update now to incorporate Hero High into your game! Hero High is available now as a free add on! The Shadow Academy is on the loose downtown, but the prom is tonight and, worse yet, you’ve got a make-up test tomorrow! But then nobody said things were simple at... more
Published 12/22/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
Just in time for last minute digital gifts and holiday gaming, this release brings you another chapter in Strange Aeons, campaign content, the feysworn, and even new mythic abilities! Player Companion: Paths of the Righteous Those who serve honorable causes and worship the gods of goodness face dangerous and devious threats. To bolster them in their quests, their religions develop potent... more
Published 12/20/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
It’s the holiday season for most of us, and here at Lone Wolf we’re in need of a little cheer and a sliver of good will. The last few weeks haven’t been kind. Our chief elf, lead Realm Works developer, and all around company organizer, Rob, found himself in the hospital last week and is facing a slow recovery. As such, we’re a little behind on all the normal tasks and apologize for that. While Rob has been working during his illness, and even worked while in the hospital, there is only... more
Published 12/1/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, here at Lone Wolf we are extremely thankful to all of you for supporting us as we strive to make the best tools possible to enhance your gaming experience. Now that we've all filled up on good food and family time, we bring you a cornucopia of November Pathfinder goodies! Strange Aeons: Dreams of the Yellow King Dream a little dream... The... more
Published 11/16/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
   Calling All Adventurers! Our annual Hero Lab sale is back for 2016 with deals up to 50% off! From individual books to bundles of monsters, we've got you covered. Want to break into a new rule system? We've got that too! Head on over to our sale page to check out all the great deals on your favorite... more
Published 11/15/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by BJ
The November release of Realm Works includes a massive number of significant enhancements. Almost everything is now in place for the Content Market, and most aspects are now in the hands of the Beta Team for final testing, making this the perfect opportunity to outline all the new improvements! This write-up is lengthy, but that’s because there are plenty of great new features for everyone. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for a run-down of what’s new in Realm... more
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  • 5th Edition Hero lab version 2.0 is available now along with 5E data packages featuring content from Kobold Press! ,
  • Realm Works grants you the power to share your realms with import and export capabilities! Use your power wiseley. ,