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Published 11/25/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Tomorrow is a holiday for our American fans, and many of you will be spending the holiday weekend with your friends and family, eating good food, and hopefully playing a few games. The Hero Lab team has been putting in late hours to get this month’s Pathfinder release out before the festivities, and their hard work has not been in vain! You can now grab our latest Pathfinder release, which includes the long-awaited Bestiary 5, and the newest Campaign Setting: Occult Realms. For info on... more
Hero Lab
Published 11/16/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Travel beyond earth and explore new planets with the latest Savage Worlds supplement in Hero Lab - Sci-Fi Companion. This new add-on introduces new races and gear (including cyberware!), as well as Edges and Hindrances necessary to create space-dwelling characters. It even includes support to create your own robots, starships, and space vehicles - you can even create a destroyer worthy of an imperial army. Discover the worlds among the stars and add Sci-Fi Companion to your game... more
Published 11/13/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Yesterday, Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10. Eager to test out the new changes, users have already begun to grab the latest update. Army Builder and Hero Lab users, if you’ve moved your license to a different computer within the past 120 days, it's possible that your license reassignment will need to be authorized by our staff after you upgrade to latest version of Windows 10. To make it easier for many users, we 've made it more likely that your reassignment will go through... more
Published 11/11/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Did you submit a bug report through one of our bug reporting forms on Tuesday, November 10 between 2:00-6:00 pm Pacific? Unfortunately, those forms were experiencing problems during that time and it’s possible that your report wasn’t received. To help you determine if you were impacted, we've outlined some info below. If you were affected, we're sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and we're thankful for your assistance by resubmitting your bug report. If you didn’t receive... more
Published 11/10/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
When you live in the Sixth World, you need to take every advantage available to you. Sometimes, that means enhancing your body with cyberware, bioware, genetech, and nanotech available from the newest add-on for Shadowrun Fifth Edition – Chrome Flesh.  With these crucial augmentations from Chrome Flesh, you’ll access dozens of new alterations so that you can be faster, stronger, and more likely to survive to the next day. Add Chrome Flesh to your library for only $9.99! In addition to... more
Hero Lab
Published 11/6/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
You only have two days left to pick up discounted bundles and packages during our Hero Lab sale. Don't miss out - save up to 50% off today! Join the many Hero Lab users who have already saved big on packages for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Shadowrun, and Mutants & Masterminds. The sale ends Sunday, November 8 at 11:59 pm PT, so check out some of the discounts below and then grab these bargains today! Pathfinder Roleplaying Game For the first time ever, we’re offering... more
Realm WorksEarlier this month we introduced third-party application support in Realm Works, and our friends at Syrinscape, the creators of a fantastic sound app, are the first to take advantage of this feature! Now users are wondering, “How do I use Syrinscape with Realm Works?” Integration is simple! But we’ll make it even easier by walking through the steps below: Open both Syrinscape and Realm Works. (Fun Fact: Syrinscape has a free demo, so you can follow along!) With Syrinscape open,... more
Published 10/29/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
This week has been an eventful one for Pathfinder fans, with huge sales and new releases! In case you missed the news, you can save anywhere from 20-40% off 30 different Pathfinder deals in our Hero Lab sale, live now. This sale ends Sunday, November 8th, so don’t miss these limited-time discounts. And now, you can grab our latest Pathfinder release, which includes Black Markets, the second half of Heroes of the Streets, Distant Shores, and the latest chapter of the Hell’s Rebels... more
Hero Lab
Published 10/21/2015 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
That’s right, Hero Lab users – it’s time for a sale! All the big-box retailers are introducing their holiday shopping events earlier than ever, so we decided to out-do them and hold a huge sale at the end of October. We aren’t selling the latest gaming console at a steep discount, but we do have deals on Hero Lab packages, including exclusive sale bundles at up to 50% off! If you play the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Shadowrun, or Mutants & Masterminds, you don’t want to miss out... more
Realm WorksUpdate 10/18/15: The new Realm Works upgrade is now available. This update should properly resolve the problem of the server overwriting the fixes of data corruption. Thank you for your patience, as we worked to get this fix out! If you encounter any new issues following this update, please update your support ticket by sending a follow-up email or send us a new bug report. ---------- Late Friday, we released a new version of Realm Works intended to resolve data corruption issues that... more
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