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Published 9/8/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
A new Mutants & Masterminds update is now available for Hero Lab users! This version includes updated vehicles and headquarters from the 3rd Edition core rulebook for use in your game, like the Space Battleship and Wizard's Tower. We've also made it even easier to customize your own vehicles and headquarters, so that you can design them to... more
Published 9/5/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Our latest Pathfinder update is now available, just in time for your weekend games! Not only do we have the first part of "New Paths Compendium" from Kobold Press, but we're also releasing Paizo's "People of the River", "People of the Stars", and the hotly anticipated "Technology Guide" this month. Want to buy Cyberlegs and a Laser Pistol for your Wizard? We can help you with that. (Just get your GM's permission first.) "New Paths Compendium" by Kobold Press Your path is calling – it's time... more
Hero Lab
Published 9/2/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Transferring characters between your iPad and your computers just got a whole lot easier! A new update is now out for the Hero Lab iPad app, which allows you to link Hero Lab for iPad to your Dropbox account. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to share photos, documents, videos, and other files between all of your devices. Imagine this: You’ve created a character on... more
Published 8/16/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Prepare characters like you’ve never seen before! Paizo’s new “Advanced Class Guide” is now available, providing you access to hundreds of new feats, new spells, and new magic items. With the “Advanced Class Guide”, you can choose from ten new hybrid classes to build your hero, like the brawler, investigator, warpriest, and more, plus dozens of new... more
Realm WorksDiscover Realm Works at Booth #617 at Gen Con! Create Your World. Share Your Story. Master Your Game. Nominated for Best Software in the 2014 ENnie Awards, Realm Works is the Game Master’s answer for managing tabletop RPG campaigns! Immerse your players in the story by sharing pictures, storyboards, text, and more with Fog of World® Create a richer world with images, Hero Lab... more
Hero Lab
Published 8/11/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Explore Hero Lab at Booth #617 at Gen Con! Character Creation Software Has Finally Leveled Up! Find out why tens of thousands of gamers have chosen Hero Lab as their go-to character management software for Pathfinder®, Shadowrun®, Mutants & Masterminds™, d20 system™, and more! Build characters in minutes for your favorite RPGs Play from your laptop, iPad, or printed... more
Realm WorksIn our July newsletter, we shared that we were a few weeks out from the release of Realm Works Player Edition and promised pricing information for Player Edition. Before we head off to Gen Con in a few days, we’ve got important news to share on both of those fronts. Player Edition Status A new Beta version went out yesterday to the Beta team that now includes about 97% of the overall functionality of Player Edition. This will allow the Beta team to heavily test Player Edition while the... more
Published 8/8/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
In the week leading up to Gen Con, we've been sharing noteworthy news, like the Realm Works Purchase Special, and information about our events and activities. To make it easier to find everything you need to know "Lone Wolf"-related at Gen Con, we've compiled all of our news for the week below. Lone Wolf Booth and Character Creation Station - Find out where the Lone Wolf team will be located... more
Published 8/7/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Will you be at Gen Con on Thursday? If so, stop by and hang out with the Lone Wolf team at Loughmiller’s Pub at 9:00 pm. Can’t come right at 9pm? We’ll likely be there for a while, but feel free to tweet @lonewolfdevel or ask on our Facebook pages to see if we’re still around. We hope that we have a chance to meet all of you in person, whether it's at our booth (#617), one of our seminars, or at the Meet & Greet. If we don't get the chance, safe travels and have a great... more
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  • In case you missed it, New Paths Compendium by is now available within Hero Lab! ,
  • Trying to set up detachments for Warhammer 40K 7th Edition? The AB40k volunteers have put together a "How-To"! ,
  • Judge Dredd fans, a new release is now available within Army Builder thanks to the community volunteer! Grab it now - ,