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Realm WorksA new version of Realm Works is now available as an automatic update within Realm Works. Not only can you now delete realms, but we’ve also added a handful of requested features such as pasting text without formatting, along with other enhancements. Below is a list of some of the major changes in the newest release. You can find additional enhancements and a list of bug fixes in the Release Notes within Realm Works. Special Note Items The “Equipment Type” snippet on Merchant topics... more
Hero Lab
Published 4/18/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Shadowrun 5 News! The shadows are coming… We’re thrilled to announce that Shadowrun 5 is officially in beta testing! While we’re not looking for additional testers, you won’t have to wait long to add it to your collection. Shadowrun 5 should be available to the public early next month, with the release of Hero Lab 5.2! What’s new in Shadowrun 5? We've spent the last few months implementing all the rules changes from 4th edition, added drag and drop support to make it easy to... more
Published 4/4/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
The development of Shadowrun 5 for Hero Lab has been making some great strides. Mathias, our Lead Data File Author for SR5, has shared some screenshots that show off how priorities will be handled in this new version of Shadowrun within Hero Lab. Take a look! The first screenshot shows the priorities that you can rearrange to customize your character. Just drag and drop to change them! If you're choosing... more
Hero Lab
Published 3/28/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
We’re excited to share that a new version of Hero Lab – version 5.0 – is now available! This new release includes two exciting new updates – our Encounter Builder and the Fate Core game system. The brand-new Encounter Builder has been in testing for a month, and we’ve received a ton of valuable feedback from our beta testers that’s helped us improve the final product. Thanks, everyone! The first new update included in version 5.0 is the Encounter Builder! This exciting new part... more
Realm WorksRealm Works Available Now! Sound the air horns and break out the flagons of ale! Lone Wolf Development is thrilled to announce that Realm Works is now available for sale on our web store! Realm Works is available for a special introductory price of $49.99. This includes 6 months of our standard tier cloud service (a $24.99 value)! If you have questions about Realm Works, be sure to check out our website for more information, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section. Buy Realm Works... more
Hero Lab
Published 3/4/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest in the Encounter Builder Beta! We’re happy to announce that the beta is now available to all of our beta testers – if you signed up, check your email and download it now! For those who haven’t heard, an Encounter Builder is coming for all game systems supported within Hero Lab® ! This new tool will make it easier to put together encounters for your game. Instead of trying to wade through the stock characters and monsters available... more
Hero Lab
Published 3/1/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
This is your last chance to sign up for the Encounter Builder Beta! Haven’t heard about the Encounter Builder? Back in December, we announced that the Hero Lab team was working on a new addition to the already popular character creation software. The Encounter Builder, which will be available for all game systems supported within Hero Lab, will make it easier for you to put together encounters for your games. Instead of trying to wade through the stock characters and monsters available... more
Published 2/27/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
A new update of the Pathfinder files is now available through the updates mechanism within Hero Lab. This update includes Adventure Path #79, "City of Locusts" as a free update for all Pathfinder users. You've defended your world from the demons of the Worldwound, but the only way to keep your world safe forever is to defeat the Lord of the Locust Host. Will you succeed? To prepare for battle, flesh out your character's background with this month's Player Companion: Bastards of Golarion.... more
Published 2/19/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
Throw on your capes, put on your masks, and head on over to the secret lair for some Mutants & Masterminds news! It’s been a while, but the Hero Lab team has been working on some new updates that should be exciting for M&M fans. At the end of February, we’re planning to add two new books to our support for Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition – the “Gamemasters Guide” and “Supernatural Handbook”. These books include new equipment, new headquarters, new rules and more.... more
Hero Lab
Published 2/14/2014 in Lone Wolf Development by Liz
At the end of December, we announced the development of the new Encounter Builder for Hero Lab. Well, the wait has almost come to an end… but before we release the Encounter Builder to everyone, we want to get some feedback from our users first.  This is your chance to test out the Encounter Builder before it gets released to the public! What is the Encounter Builder? The new Encounter Builder allows GMs to create encounters for parties of all levels in minutes. For Pathfinder, all you... more
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  • A new update is available for Hero Lab, with better filtering within the Encounter Builder by CR for d20 and PL for Mutants and Masterminds.,
  • Hmmm... I wonder what this could be ()? I have a feeling you'll learn more in our April Newsletter - Liz,
  • Still trying to decide if Realm Works is the right fit for your game? Check out this new review - ,