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Published 5/23/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
A bugfix update is now available for Shadowrun 5th edition! Mathias, our lead Shadowrun data file author, has addressed over two dozen bugs in this release, including fixes for deckers, riggers, adepts, street samurai, naga, centaurs, voodoo practitioners, and more! Check out the full release notes on our forums, and be sure to grab the update before your next... more
Published 5/19/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
Today, we'd like to pass along an important update for users of the Pathfinder Community Packs. Read on to find out more! Greetings Hero Lab community!  This is Tim Shadow (aka ShadowChemosh) and I run the Community Packs for Pathfinder.  I am here again with another exciting announcement that will make it so much easier to make use of the community stuff. If you’ve downloaded one of my Community Packs before, I have good news! The requirement for us to have multiple different... more
Published 5/18/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
We're hosting 6 events at Gen Con this year, and registration is now open! Not only is Live RPG Plus returning for an encore, we're also diving deep into the tech landscape of D&D 5th edition, and hosting seminars that go into the nuts and bolts for both Hero Lab and Realm Works. You can find out more about each event, and sign up via the Gen Con web site, by clicking the links below: Friday Events: 4-6pm (Crowne Plaza: Grand Central Ballroom C) – (SEM1689881) Realm Works -... more
Published 5/12/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
Another 5th edition update has arrived in Hero Lab! This release brings players optional rules like Spell Points and additional ability scores, while DMs can enjoy templates and an updated monster builder. Read on to find out more! Spell Points & Other Optional Rules We've had a lot of requests to add the Spell Points option to Hero Lab. Instead of giving a spellcaster a set of level-specific spell slots to use, this rules variant simply gives you a pool of points from which you can... more
Published 5/9/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
For the 15th (I think) year running, we're happy to announce our presence at Gen Con! Find out more details about our plans for the show, plus the events we're running, on our web site:... more
Published 4/29/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
It's time for our second Pathfinder update of the month! Just like last time, we've added something for everyone - players can enjoy the new Armor Master's Handbook, GMs can find new friends (or foes) in Heaven Unleashed, and anyone looking for a new adventure can check out the latest chapter of Hell's Vengeance. Read on to find out more! Armor Master's Handbook If you're looking for a new "tank" archetype for your fighter, or new toys - sorry, new armor and shields - to play with in combat,... more
Published 4/25/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
Greetings, denizens of the Sixth World! We've been spending some long hours in our automotive workshop, and we're happy to unveil the results - Rigger 5.0 is now available in Hero Lab! Over 150 new vehicles and drones make Rigger 5 a must-have for any Shadowrun character, and if you're into customizing your ride, we have good news - over 100 new modifications... more
Hero Lab
Published 4/18/2016 in Lone Wolf Development by colen
Happy Monday, Dungeoneers! Prepare for some news that will brighten up your GM's day - all the monsters from the D&D 5th edition SRD, plus rules for custom monster creation, are now available in Hero Lab! Read on to find out more... All the SRD Monsters! The 5th edition SRD includes hundreds of monsters, and starting... more
Realm Works Welcome back to the Realm Works Spotlight Series! This is Liz, and I’ll be your host for the ninth installment. If you’re just joining us now, I recommend first reading the initial eight entries on our website or watch the videos on our YouTube channel. Earlier in the series, we explored ways to get started with published content in Realm Works. But what happens next? Adventures like Rise of the Runelords have hundreds of pages of content, and the prospect of wrangling all that... more
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