Realm Works 1.0.7 Now Available

A new release of Realm Works is now available! This new version includes a couple of meaningful enhancements, along with a bunch of small refinements and some bug fixes. The first of the new enhancements is the addition of a new “loop friendly” plot layout option that will greatly improve the usefulness of plots that involve loops, plus it will sometimes yield a more appealing diagram for plots without loops. Give it a try with some of your plots and see what you think! The other new enhancement is the expansion of the “Quick Create” dialog to provide a variety of new capabilities, including container assignment and control over auto-assigned tags. This should make the use of Quick Create significantly more flexible and useful across all content, as well as speeding up content entry overall. Please note that this release requires you to update the client before you can sync to the server.

Our primary focus over the past few weeks has been Player Edition, so we thought you’d welcome an update on our progress. At this point, we have most of the pieces in place, and we’re starting to do meaningful testing of everything in concert together. We begin extensive, in-house testing this coming week. Once key pieces seem to be working for us internally, we’ll begin rolling out functionality to the Beta team in stages so they can test everything out, and we’ll fix whatever issues they uncover before releasing to everyone else. Based on our current progress, we’re projecting that Player Edition will officially release in about four weeks, although we’ll be doing our utmost to get it out sooner if at all possible.

Thank you for your continued support! And stay tuned for further updates in the upcoming weeks as we work to get Player Edition officially into your hands!


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