Realm Works Exclusive Pricing – Gen Con 2014

Are you attending Gen Con? We have a special Gen Con exclusive that you don’t want to miss!

Get one free Player Edition License

with a purchase of Realm Works

at Booth #617 this Gen Con!


If you use Realm Works, then you’re going to love Player Edition! Realm Works Player Edition will allow players to access and review the content revealed by the GM on their own computers outside of the game session. Players will be able to independently look-up information, review what they’ve learned, and even make notes with same powerful linking capabilities as the GM version.

Stop writing session summaries or updating a separate campaign website! All of the information your players need is right there through their copy of Realm Works. Player Edition is the perfect solution when players miss a session, or if you want to limit the valuable game time spent on recapping the last game.

Planning to purchase Player Edition for your gaming group, or ask your players to grab their copy? Get ahead of the game and receive one copy of Player Edition free with this Gen Con special!

This special exclusive is only available during Gen Con for attendees, so don’t forget to stop by Booth #617 and grab Realm Works before the weekend is out.

New to Realm Works? 

RW-Picture_thumbnailRealm Works is our ENnie-nominated campaign management software, organizing your game so that you can focus on engaging with your players and telling your story. This powerful tool delivers unparalleled functionality and control for GMs and players alike. Realm Works is “game system neutral”, allowing GMs to create, manage and then share their world, regardless of the game system.

Find out more about this innovative new software on the Realm Works website today!


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