Realm Works Player Edition is Now Available!


Navigate through your GM’s world with images and linked text

GMs and players can begin the celebration! (We’ll bring the cake.) Realm Works Player Edition is now available for sale on our web store! Player Edition is available both for individual users and in discounted packs of 2-5 copies for gaming groups. The more copies, the greater the savings! If you have questions about Player Edition, be sure to check out our website for more information, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section.

As a reminder for existing users, the 6 months free cloud service with GM Edition starts now! We’ll also be sending out a survey to all Realm Works users in early December. As we shared in our past two newsletters, we’ve been compiling a survey to determine the most frequently requested features based on the many feature requests on our forums. This survey will allow us to focus our development efforts on the features that matter most to our users. The focus on wrapping up Player Edition took precedence over the survey, so we’ll be sending the survey out in the first two weeks of December. To ensure you receive our email, make sure that you opt into our newsletter, if you haven’t already.

What’s Realm Works Player Edition?


Take notes that link back to the story

Realm Works Player Edition allows players to access and review the content revealed by the GM on their own computers outside of the game session. Players can independently look-up information, review what they’ve learned, and even make notes with same powerful linking capabilities as the GM version. GMs no longer need to write session summaries, update a separate campaign website, or spend valuable game time providing lengthy recaps! All of the information you’ve revealed to the players is right there through their own copy of Realm Works.

Intrigued? Explore our website for more info!


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