Realm Works – Important News About Cloud Service

Five months ago, Realm Works Player Edition was released and we announced that the free six months cloud service had started for users with Realm GM Edition purchased prior to that date. Thousands of GMs have used the cloud service to streamline their games, with many sharing their worlds and stories with players through Realm Works Player Edition. Many more are looking forward to expanding their worlds with published and community content from the upcoming Content Market!

For thousands of users, the free six months of cloud service is currently set to expire on May, 17th, and the majority of those users will be faced with choosing to continue their service before being able to leverage published material through the Content Market. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to suspend the expiration and allow cloud service to continue for all users. All users with cloud service, regardless of purchase date, will continue to receive cloud service until some point after the Content Market launch. Users will have the opportunity to see what’s possible with the Content Market and cloud service combined. Since the exact timing for this remains fluid, we’ll provide users with at least one month’s notice before the extra free cloud service concludes.

We know that many Realm Works users are waiting anxiously for the Content Market, and we’re looking forward to delivering some amazing material, like Frog God Game’s “Razor Coast” and “Pirate’s Guide to Freeport” from Green Ronin Publishing. As we approach the release, more and more users have been asking questions about cloud service and the Content Market. We’ve compiled a number of those frequently asked questions, and have answered them on our FAQ webpage. Before launching the Content Market to the public, we’ll also share additional information about what to expect in the initial launch.

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