Using Syrinscape with Realm Works

Earlier this month we introduced third-party application support in Realm Works, and our friends at Syrinscape, the creators of a fantastic sound app, are the first to take advantage of this feature! Now users are wondering, “How do I use Syrinscape with Realm Works?”

Integration is simple! But we’ll make it even easier by walking through the steps below:

  1. Open both Syrinscape and Realm Works. (Fun Fact: Syrinscape has a free demo, so you can follow along!)
  2. With Syrinscape open, click the gear icon in the lower left-hand corner, and enable the “Third Party App Integration”. With the feature turned on, click the plus button next to any mood or one-shot sound. This will copy a special code to your clipboard. We’ve copied the “Nothing Unnatural” mood from Syrinscape.


    To help you out with this step, the folks at Syrinscape have created a fantastic video on their YouTube channel:

  3. Within Realm Works, copy this code into a snippet or use it to add a hyperlink to text. For example, we added it as a hyperlink to the text “play this soundset” in the introductory GM direction. Make sure you save the topic when you’re done.


  4. Make sure to disable the “Third Party App Integration” in Syrinscape, or the sounds will not play properly.
  5. You’re ready for the game! Just click the link, and Syrinscape will begin playing the mood or one-shot sound.

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