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Introducing the future of digital content! We’re teaming up with your favorite RPG publishers to deliver their critically acclaimed products through Realm Works, our ENnie award-winning campaign suite.

Major Publishers Include

  • Paizo Inc.
  • Frog God Games
  • Green Ronin Publishing
  • Kobold Press
  • and more!

Debuting early 2016, the Realm Works Content Market will launch with adventures, settings, and source material from popular publishers like Paizo, Green Ronin Publishing, Kobold Press, Frog God Games, Engine Publishing, Hammerdog Games, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Highlights include Rise of the Runelords, Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, and Razor Coast.

In mid-December, we’ll launch our “Realm Works Spotlight Series.” This weekly update outlines our Content Market release plans, showcase upcoming products in Realm Works, and preview key Realm Works features. Sign-up for the Spotlight Series today!

The New Era of Digital Content

With PDFs and e-books available, what sets Realm Works apart? Here are just a few ways Realm Works revolutionizes digital content:

Make it Yours


Customize published content to fit your game
(Pirate’s Guide to Freeport)

Easily tailor published adventures and settings to suit your game. In Realm Works, all published content is fully customizable. There’s no need to write in the margins of a book, deal with countless stickies, or wade through separate notes. Simply make your changes directly to the published content.

Integrates with Your World

Adapting published material to your unique world is frequently more trouble than it’s worth, leaving GMs with something less than they’d like. Realm Works lets you seamlessly weave published content into your campaign. Rename NPCs and locations, move them around, and hook everything together with automatic linking. Fully adapt published content to your campaign with a fraction of the effort.

Instantly Find Anything

How much time do you spend searching through published content for that elusive detail you need? With Realm Works, everything is well-organized and anything you seek is just a few clicks away. Full-text search (like Google) and tag-based filtering make it easy to find people, places, and events. Realm Works even adds extensive, pre-created links and relationships to reflect how everything is connected. Can’t remember the name of the mysterious woman the players met in the forest? Simply jump to the forest and see all the NPCs that mention it.


Use maps to find important details about locations
(Rise of the Runelords)

Navigate with Maps

In the real world, tools like Google Maps make it easy to find things visually and access further details through links. Imagine how useful that would be for your world! With Realm Works, it’s easy. Maps have pins with summary information that link to all the details. Simply click through pins to view the specifics. You can even go from text-based locations to the maps where they appear.

Ready to Share with Players

Presenting published material to players often entails a big time investment, whether it’s extracting images and masking out map regions prior to play or repeating detailed descriptions as players take copious notes. With Realm Works, everything is ready-to-go. Reveal images and details to players during the game with just a few mouse clicks. Even better, players can readily access revealed information between game sessions with Realm Works Player Edition.

Know What’s Known


Track what your players discover by clicking the “Reveal” button from grey to green
(Isle of Kandril)

It’s easy to forget what the players have and haven’t learned, especially if it’s been awhile since your last game. As players uncover details of your campaign, a simple mouse click tracks what you’ve revealed. You can do the same with maps, revealing portions as the players explore. A quick glance shows which details the players know about any person, place, or thing.

Organized for GMs

With traditionally published content, everything is organized as linear prose. But that’s not how you’ll actually use it at the table. GMs are faced with either repeatedly searching for details scattered throughout the book (disrupting play), investing the time to create their own separate organizational notes, or just “winging it” (which risks forgetting a critical detail). With Realm Works, published content is already organized by the people, places, events, and things within the world. Everything you need is readily accessible.

Instant Session Recaps

Most games start with a recap of the last session.These recaps often eat up valuable game time, especially when players recall events differently and you find yourself looking up assorted details. With Realm Works’ handy “Reveal History,” both GMs and players can review exactly what was learned in previous sessions and instantly access further details when needed. It’s all about maximizing the time you get to actually play.

With Realm Works, everything you need is right at your fingertips. See for yourself how Realm Works can transform your games, and sign-up for the Spotlight Series today!

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