Have an issue you need to troubleshoot? Check our list below of common technical questions.

If you have questions that are not covered on this website, or if the information provided is not sufficient to answer your particular question, please email technical support for further assistance.

General Troubleshooting

  • Realm Works crashed on me. What should I do?

    Whenever a crash occurs, a form should appear that asks for permission to send a crash report to us. Please send the report. The form also gives you the opportunity to provide us with details about the crash. Please spell out what you were doing with Realm Works in the minutes prior to the crash and include your email address so we can follow-up with you if we have questions. Do your best to include as many details as possible, since that will maximize our ability to figure out what went wrong and get it fixed.

    If you think of additional details that might prove helpful after you send the crash report, please post that information on the Realm Works support forum.

    Once in awhile, we may want additional information on a crash report. If so, one of the developers will contact you via email. Unless you get an email from us, we'll usually have enough information to find and fix the problem in an upcoming release.

    If there are problems sending the crash report to the crash reporting server, please save it locally and then post it in the forums. The crash report is saved in an encrypted format so only Lone Wolf personnel can read it.

  • What if my database gets corrupted and I can't load Realm Works?

    We certainly hope that doesn't happen, but it's possible you'll encounter something we missed. As a safeguard, Realm Works makes a new backup of your database every time you launch the product, and the last ten (10) backups are kept around. If something goes completely pear-shaped and you need to restore from a backup, you can do so. Please contact technical support for assistance with this process.

  • Realm Works cannot connect to the server. (Firewall)

    If you use firewall hardware or software, make sure that it is not preventing Realm Works from communicating to the server. Some firewall software, such as Norton Security, may require you add the program manually and set it to always be allowed. Once Realm Works is permitted to reach the server through the firewall, Realm Works shouldn't encounter any further issues connecting to the server.


If you’re still having trouble running Realm Works, please contact our technical support team. For possible solutions to special cases with corrupted Windows installations, please click here.