Hero Lab Resources

Below you will find retailer-oriented details about Hero Lab, including free support resources. We’ve done our best to offer as much support as possible to help you sell our products, and it is all outlined below. If there is anything else we can provide, please let us know.

Free In-Store License

We offer FREE product licenses to retailers for use on in-store computers. To take advantage of this program, please use the link below.

Request Free In-Store License

Retailer Sell Sheet

Looking for details about any of our products? You’ll find a copy of our retailer sell sheet here.

Hero Lab/Army Builder/Card Vault Sell Sheet

Hero Lab Logo

Hero Lab Logo

Product Pricing & Packaging

Hero Lab has a suggested retail price of US$29.99. The product is packaged as a shrink-wrapped, DVD case. The cover contains eye-catching, full-color illustration, with detailed product information and screen shots on the back. Within the box, Hero Lab is provided on CD-ROM. Online documentation is installed with the product, along with a Tutorial.

Game system support within Hero Lab is done under license from the various RPG publishers (a list of supported games can be found here). Buying Hero Lab includes a single game of the users choice, chosen when they activate the product for the first time.


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