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–  Authoring Kit  –

The Authoring Kit for Card Vault includes virtually everything you'll need to interface with the product. Whether your goal is to create and/or edit data files for your favorite game system, or to write external tools that share information with Card Vault, the Authoring Kit contains everything you need. The purpose of the Authoring Kit is two-fold: (1) enable users to write data files for any game they wish and (2) allow users to develop tools that interface with Card Vault and share information. To this end, the Authoring Kit consists of both detailed documentation and an assortment of tools to make the task a bit easier.

With over 400 CCGs published, there is no way that Lone Wolf Development can develop data files for all of them. So we've enabled users to write their own by providing all the information needed. And, if you choose to write files for a game, we make it easy to share those files with others via the integrated updates mechanism within Card Vault. The Authoring Kit includes everything you'll need, from the specifics of the basic file formats to a "how to" guide.

If your objective is to develop a solution that shares data with Card Vault, you'll likely find what you need in the Card Vault Interchange Formats guide. This document outlines all of the file formats used by Card Vault to exchange information, from deck files to inventory files to trade/want lists. The Interchange Formats guide is installed as part of the Authoring Kit. For internet sites that want to utilize Card Vault as a gateway, this is the place to start.

You can download the Authoring Kit from the Downloads section of this site. The Authoring Kit installs complete documentation, as well as the various tools you'll need to start writing files and/or integrating your own tools with Card Vault.