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–  Batch Editing  –

For the serious collector, Card Vault's inventory management is a wonderful things, but getting tens of thousands of cards initially entered into the product is an incredibly daunting task. So Card Vault includes a powerful facility for quickly getting your collection into the product en masse. It's called Batch Editing (shown further below).

The Batch Editing mechanism makes it easy to quickly enter large amounts of data into Card Vault in a single step. For example, serious collectors will typically have large numbers of all the Common cards - far more than make sense to bother tracking. Batch Editing enables you to select all the Common cards (or all the Common cards for a specific number of releases) and then set the total quantity owned for all those cards to a value of your choosing (for example, 12). With a few mouse clicks, you can initialize the Card Vault database appropriately for all your Common cards. For most collectors, the same method can apply for Uncommon cards (but usually with a smaller number), resulting in 2/3 of your collection being entered in less than one minute! After that, entering the Rares is pretty easy.