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If you're looking to download Card Vault or anything associated with the product, you've come to the right place. Each of the two core downloads for Card Vault are listed directly below. An additional link further down will take you to the complete list of all Card Vault downloads, including all supplemental components like data files. Core downloads are are distributed as self-installing executables. Simply click on the link for the component you want and your browser should ask you where to save the file. Once the download is complete, run the executable (e.g. using Windows Explorer) and the installer will prompt you through the installation process.

Card Vault - Complete Download

This is the complete program file for Card Vault. If you are a licensed user, this will upgrade you to the latest version. If you are not yet a licensed user, Card Vault will run in demonstration mode (with inventory and deck size limits) until you purchase and install a license. You can purchase a Card Vault license via the Buy Card Vault section.

Download Card Vault
(V1.5b - updated 09-Oct-2013 - approx. 4.3MB)

Deck Viewer (Freeware)

The Deck Viewer provides a convenient tool for viewing decks created with Card Vault. Full analysis can be performed on decks, using all the same facilities provided within Card Vault. This tool is freeware.

Download Deck Viewer
(V1.5a - updated 19-May-2004 - approx. 1.6MB)

Authoring Kit

The Authoring Kit includes all the details on how to create new data files for Card Vault (or simply edit existing ones). If you are interested in creating or editing data files, you'll definitely need to download the Authoring Kit.

Download Authoring Kit
(V1.5a - updated 19-May-04 - approx. 2.0MB)

Supplemental Downloads (e.g. Data Files)

Use the above link to view a complete list of all downloads available for Card Vault. In general, supplemental downloads are most easily retrieved directly from within the product by clicking on the 'Locate File' button on the 'Select Game System' dialog or by viewing the available updates via the the menu item in the upper right corner of the product. This list is provided as an alternative in case the updates are not accessible from within Card Vault for some reason.