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–  Feature List  –

Card Vault provides an array of powerful and sophisticated features for both deck construction and inventory management. The complete list of features included within Card Vault is quite lengthy, so we've identified just the core set of features below.

  1. Design decks and manage collections easily with point-and-click simplicity.
  2. Filter cards by virtually any game attributes: by release, cost, theme, artist, powers, card text, or any other criteria desired.
  3. View game-specific deck statistics to optimize decks. Examples include average twilight costs for LotR, average casting costs for Magic, total force cost for MechWarrior, etc.
  4. Monitor deck profiles for optimization, including mana curves for Magic, deck composition breakdowns (%land, %creatures, %spells), resource utilization curves, etc.
  5. Track the probability of drawing any card combination over a range of draws, with real-time updates for powerful deck tuning.
  6. Complete deck validation is automatically performed, flagging instances where deck construction rules are violated, including banned/restricted card usage. For games with multiple rules formats, you can select the rule set to be enforced.
  7. The information displayed for each card is fully configurable, so you can tailor the display to your own preferences for each game.
  8. Print deck designs or save them to HTML. Configure the contents of deck output to include whatever information wish, from simple summary lists to detailed spoiler lists with complete description and flavor text.
  9. Track your inventory easily. In addition to the quantity owned, you can track your trade lists and want lists. You can even set target numbers that track the quantity you want to own.
  10. Inventory tracking maintains separate totals for all versions of a card, so you can differentiate between card styles (e.g. foils), languages, releases, and artwork. You can even track total separately based on the card quality (e.g. mint).
  11. Individual cards can have their values tracked, enabling Card Vault to report on your overall collection value.
  12. Card Vault works for virtually all game systems, so a single tool works for all the games you play.
  13. Data files are regularly updated as new supplements are released for each game system. So the product will grow as your favorite games continue to grow.
  14. Automatic notification is provided so you know immediately when new updates are available. Updates are retrieved automatically by Card Vault, making the entire process a matter of a few mouse clicks.
  15. Merge duplicate cards with MRP
  16. Validation can compare the decks you design against your inventory so you immediately know what cards you need to complete your latest masterpiece. Or let Card Vault automatically add your deck to your want list, placing any needed cards directly onto your want list.
  17. Card Vault's batch editing feature makes it a breeze to get your inventory initially into the product.
  18. Print inventory reports or save them HTML. Generate a comprehensive report or generate separate trade lists and want lists. You can also fully configure what information is included.
  19. The "quick search" mechanism allows you to instantly jump to the next card that contains any text you enter.
  20. After you've built a deck, draw test hands to experiment with how the deck will actually work.
  21. Share your trade/want lists with others. Card Vault automatically compares others' trade/want lists against your inventory and identifies the cards that you have in common to exchange.
  22. Custom extensions all external programs to be written that integrate into Card Vault. For example, proxy card printers can now be created for any game.
  23. Multi-language support for cards allows you to view the foreign language text of a card (assuming that information is included in the data files).