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–  Important Bugs  –

Despite our best efforts to test the product before release, and in spite of months of Beta testing, a few bugs invariably manage to slip through. Usually, the bugs that slip through are minor. However, in a few cases, these bugs can have significant impact upon the usability of the product. In an effort to make sure you're aware of these bugs, we've identified the critical ones below.

Important! When bugs are reported, an update is usually released shortly thereafter to fix those bugs. Therefore, always make sure that you are using the latest version of the product.


Batch editing can corrupt the inventory database. [Fixed in V1.0a]


Under the right conditions, the batch editing mechanism could either cause Card Vault to crash or corrupt the inventory database. This typically only happens on large batch updates. If your inventory is corrupted by this bug, there is no way to recover it, so make sure to get the latest patch.


Disabling automatic update checking can cause all updates to fail [Fixed in V1.0b]


On some computers, disabling automatic updates checking would result in no updates being accessible under any circumstance. This bug is fixed in V1.0b and can also be worked around by simply enabling automatic checking. The best solution is to enable checking, retrieve the latest product update, then modify the setting back to where you want it. You can modify the setting as follows:

  1. Launch Card Vault.
  2. Load the Tutorial Samples data files.
  3. Go to the Settings menu and select Automatic Update Checking (at the bottom).
  4. Select either the Network Connection or Dial-Up Modem Connection, as appropriate to your computer.
  5. Exit Card Vault.
  6. Launch Card Vault again and update-checking should work fine.


Outputting a list of foil cards from the inventory comes up blank [Fixed in V1.1]


This isn't exactly a bug, but it's definitely a counterintuitive "feature" of Card Vault. Here's what is happening. You've most likely instructed Card Vault to restrict the output based on the active filter, and the filter limits the output to foil cards only. Since you're only outputting foils, it doesn't make sense to include the card style in the output, so you have probably unchecked that option. The problem is that, if you uncheck that option, Card Vault will only include cards matching the default style that is selected under Settings. Most likely, the default that is selected under Settings is NOT foils. The end result is that you end up with no output. Fortunately, the solution is to simply make sure that the option to include the card style is CHECKED. Alternately, you can go into the Settings and select foils, but you'll need to remember to set it back immediately afterward, else you could end up modifying your foils inventory inadvertently.