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–  Licensing Details  –

  1. Licensing Basics
  2. Running Card Vault on Multiple Computers
  3. Running Card Vault on Windows and Mac
  4. License Re-assignment
  5. Activating Your License
  6. How Computers are Identified
  7. License Terms
  8. Licenses that Expired Before August 1st, 2013
  9. Extending Old Licenses

Licensing Basics

Like most software, Card Vault uses a licensing mechanism designed to mitigate piracy. Whether you purchase Card Vault on CD-ROM in a retail store or via an electronic download, you will always utilize your unique license number to unlock the product. This section describes how the licensing mechanism works and what the rules are.

The full Card Vault license agreement can be found here.

When you purchase Card Vault, you're issued a unique license number. This license number can be used to unlock the product on a SINGLE computer of your choice. Completing the licensing wizard within Card Vault (via the "Install License" option under the "License" menu) binds the product to that computer. Once your license is tied to your computer, it can't be used on a different computer.

License purchased after August 1st, 2012, or extended past August 1st, 2013 under our old license managment scheme, do not expire. For older licenses, see our section on Licenses that Expired Before August 1st, 2013.

Running Card Vault on Multiple Computers

Lone Wolf Development realizes that many of our users have more than one computer available to them (e.g. a laptop, a computer at work, etc.). To enable use of the product on additional computers, users are offered a FREE secondary license for use on a separate computer. This secondary license can be obtained automatically via the License Administration website at www.lonewolfdevel.com, or by selecting the "Request Secondary License" option from the "License" menu within Card Vault.

For users with more than two computers, we offer the ability to purchase additional secondary licenses for $10.00 each, to a maximum of four (4) total license numbers. You can purchase these additional licenses via the License Administration website at www.lonewolfdevel.com.

All secondary licenses are tied to the primary license and share the same access password. Each secondary license has an independent "clock" that tracks the waiting period between re-assignment, simplifying the management of the licenses across different computers under different operating systems.

License Reassignment

Card Vault's license mechanism is designed with the expectation that users will occasionally upgrade or replace their computers. When this occurs, the "identity" of your computer will change based on the new installation of the operating system. Your license can be re-assigned to the new identity by simply running the license activation wizard within Card Vault again. This is accomplished via the "Reactivate Current License" option under the "License" menu within Card Vault.

In an effort to mitigate piracy, each license can only be re-assigned like this once every 120 days (about 4 months). The typical user upgrades or replaces his/her computer once every 18-24 months, so this restriction should rarely present a problem. Life is anything but predictable, though, and we fully understand that disk crashes, virus attacks, and assorted other nastiness can strike at any time. To accommodate these events, exceptions can be made if you need to re-assign your license before the waiting period elapses. If this situation should arise, please contact technical support and we'll usually be able to get things sorted out for you quickly.

Activating Your License

Until unlocked with a valid license, Card Vault runs in Demonstration mode. In order to unlock Card Vault, you need to complete the license activation wizard within the product. This process contacts our licensing servers with your license information and obtains the necessary key file to unlock the software. More specifically, users should follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Card Vault.
  2. Load any game system (for example, the Example Game System).
  3. Select the "License" menu, and choose "Install License" (the first option).
  4. Follow the instructions presented by the wizard and enter the information it asks for. If you purchased the CD-ROM version of Card Vault, you will need to enter the Access Code provided with your license number. If you purchase an electronic license for Card Vault, the Access Code can be omitted.
  5. Once you complete of the licensing wizard, Card Vault contacts the Lone Wolf Development servers to tie your license and computer together.
  6. When you next launch Card Vault, the license should be properly installed and the product fully functional.

How Computers are Identified

Card Vault uses a few key pieces of information to establish the "identity" of your computer, which typically does not change without major hardware changes or installing a new OS. This identifying information is distilled down into a short string of characters that "uniquely" reflects your computer, without including any personally identifiable information. It's impossible to reverse the operation and determine any identifying information about your system from this, so your privacy is secure.

In general, there are only three conditions under which the identity of your computer should change:

  1. Installing a new operating system will change your computer's identity. This is the same as switching to a new computer or re-installing the same operating system after re-formatting your hard drive.
  2. Upgrading your current operating system will often change the identity. (This does NOT include automatic updates and service packs.)
  3. Editing system information that should never be modified after operating system installation can sometimes trigger an identity change. This can occur if you use various hacked versions of games.

If any of these occur, your license can typically be reassigned to the "new" computer without a problem, although it if happens regularly you may have to get in touch with technical support first.

License Terms

The complete License Agreement for Card Vault can be always be found on the License Administration server at www.lonewolfdevel.com.

Licenses that Expired Before August 1st, 2013

Note: This section only applies to licenses which expired before August 1st, 2013. All licenses purchased after August 1st, 2012 will no longer expire.

For all customers with active Card Vault licenses as of August 1st, 2013, those licenses no longer require yearly extensions to access program and data file updates for Card Vault.

Previously, each purchase of a new license included an initial year of free product updates, after which users had the option of extending their license to continue to receive those updates. As of August 1, 2013, all new licenses purchased henceforth will never expire. All future updates to Card Vault will be free to all users with active licenses.

The Updates feature of Card Vault is only accessible with an active license, so the automatic location and retrieval of product updates and data files will remain unavailable for users with an expired license under our old licensing model. However, you can still obtain all data files, free of charge, via our website. There is a direct link to the appropriate webpage under the "Help" menu within the product. You can monitor the status of all updates on the website, download those you want, and import them directly into Card Vault.

Licenses from our old licensing model that have been expired for more than six (6) months will receive no technical support. You will continue to be able to manage and re-assign your license on our server for at least two (2) years after your license expires. However, no additional technical support will be provided if you lose your license, forget your password, etc. After a license has been expired for more than two (2) years, that license may be closed on our server.

Extending Old Licenses

Note: This section only applies to licenses which expired before August 1st, 2013. All licenses purchased after August 1st, 2012 will no longer expire.

If your license expired 2 years or less before August 1st, 2013, you can extend your Card Vault license for $8.75 per year. When you do this, the license expiration date is simply advanced one year, so it now expires one year after it previously did. Extending your license past August 1st, 2013 means it will not expire in the future

Sometimes, your license can lapse for longer than a few months. Maybe you stopped gaming for a year or two, then came back and wanted to start using Card Vault again. What do you need to do to get the newest version of Card Vault?

If your license has been expired longer than 2 years, you can save money by renewing it to active status. The price is a flat $19.99 - this gets you "caught up" with all past releases, and means your license will no longer expire going forward. This effectively puts a cap on the renewal cost for long-expired licenses. Users whose license has been expired for two years or less can simply purchase one or two extensions for a lower cost.