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–  Solutions To Common Problems  –

This section outlines various problems that users have encountered with Card Vault and offers solutions or work-arounds. If you don't see your problem listed below, please also check the bug list and/or the FAQ, since it may be listed in one of those sections. If you have questions that are not covered on this website, or if the information provided is not sufficient to solve your particular problem, please contact technical support for further assistance.

IMPORTANT! Card Vault is constantly evolving as a product, and bugs are usually fixed very quickly after they are reported. Make sure that you are running the latest release of Card Vault, since most problems will have been fixed in the newest version.


I was able to license Card Vault but I can't access any updates.


Have you upgraded to V1.0b yet? Most likely, you have encountered a nasty bug that wasn't caught before release. For complete details on this bug - and how to fix it - please refer to the "Important Bugs" section under Support.


I'm unable to license Card Vault or check for updates.


First of all, make sure that you have an active internet connection. If you've verified this, the next thing to check is whether you have any programs installed that block popup ads or other similar internet transmissions. If so, then make sure those programs are configured to all access to "www.lonewolfdevel.com", since that's the license administration website Card Vault contacts for all licensing and updates retrieval.


Card Vault reports that my license is locked.


Our license administration server has protections against hackers. If the wrong email address is entered 10 times in a row without a success, you license is locked as a precaution. If your license becomes locked, notify technical support and we can unlock it for you.


I bought Card Vault but I don't have an internet connection. What do I do?


Unfortunately, Card Vault requires an internet connection. This fact is stipulated on the packaging as part of the system requirements. There is currently no means of licensing Card Vault manually - the product must be able to directly contact the licensing server to complete the licensing process. Since many retailers will not oaccept returns on opened software, please contact technical support for assistance in returning the product to the place of purchase.


I licensed Card Vault and now I can't login to get updates or reassign my license.


More than likely, the problem is with the email address our server is checking against. The first possibility is that your email address has changed, but our server still has your previous email address on file. If this occurs, you'll need to login with your old email address and/or go to the license administration server to update your email address. The second possibility is that you inadvertently entered the incorrect email address when you licensed Card Vault. If this occurs, we'll have to correct it for you, so please contact technical support for assistance.


Card Vault was running fine and now it says I'm in Demo mode. What caused this?


If Card Vault suddenly reverts to Demo mode, it means that Card Vault thinks you've switched to a new computer. The solution is to simply run the licensing wizard again. However, if this happens more frequently than once every 90 days, you'll be unable to complete the wizard. So you need to be aware of the things that can cause this behavior and take steps to minimize their occurrence. The list is:

  1. Installing a new operating system (fresh or as an upgrade) that Card Vault must run under. Installing Linux as a second operating system will have no impact on CV. Upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows XP will.
  2. Re-installing the current operating system. This does NOT include patches and the like, which should have no impact unless they tweak fundamental settings of the operating system that should not generally be touched by patches after initial installation.
  3. Adding, changing, or deleting the user login accounts under which Card Vault will run. If you install Card Vault under a login account named "Fred" and then change the account name to "Joe", Card Vault will think you're on a new computer. Similarly, if you install under "Fred" and try to access Card Vault from a separate "Joe" account, Card Vault will think it's on a different machine.
  4. Installing and running a software program that messes around with basic information on your system that is supposed to remain static after the operating system is installed. I don't know of any such programs by name, although I'm aware that such programs do exist. Fortunately, they aren't generally used by the average consumer.
  5. Deleting the file "cvkey.lic" from the Card Vault installation directory will unlicense CV. This file is retrieved from our server when the licensing wizard is completed. If the file is deleted, just run the wizard
    again and you'll be good to go.


Cards that have been reprinted are not listed within Card Vault.


Do you have the "Merge Duplicate Cards" setting enabled? By default, this setting is enabled so that you only see the most recent printing of each card during deck construction. This keep the list of available cards from getting cluttered up with duplicates unnecessarily, although all of those different cards will always be visible within inventory management. If you want to show all the duplicates of cards, go to the Settings menu and uncheck the option.


I'm getting a warning about orphaned records. How do I fix this?


An orphan warning occurs whenever one or more cards from your inventory disappear from the data files. Typically, this happens when the data file author inadvertently published data files with a card that was never printed and then corrects that error (e.g. a card for which a foil version was thought to be printed but never was). If you use the Batch Edit mechanism to set target numbers for all the cards in a set, you'll likely add an entry for the card to your inventory, so the warning appears when it later disappears.

If this problem occurs, the first thing to check is the contents of the saved orphan log file. Within the log file, each orphaned card is listed, along with the inventory quantities assigned for that card. If you only have "acquire" values for the card, the card probably doesn't exist and is being corrected by the data file author. However, if you have an "owned" quantity for the card, notify the data file author, since it may actually be an error in the data files.

Assuming the card is supposed to be removed from the data files, the solution to this problem is quick and easy. Go into the Inventory Manager and follow the steps outlined in the User Manual to backup your inventory, using the "simple" backup procedure. Then restore your inventory and the problem should go away. Backing up the inventory omits the orphaned records, so restoring the inventory similarly omits them.


Some MageKnight/HeroClix/MechWarrior models are missing in army construction.


WizKids has published a small number of different models with the exact same name. For example, the Green Hauberk Battle Armor is published in both Dark Age and Fire For Effect. If you have the "Merge Duplicate Cards" setting enabled, these models will be treated as the same model and merged by Card Vault. To view all the models correctly, go to the Settings menu and uncheck this option.