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–  Statistics / Graphs / Reports  –

Tuning your deck is a critical part of deck construction, and Card Vault includes an array of powerful analysis tools to optimize your deck. The screen snippets below show samples of the analysis data that Card Vault provides, and all data is updated continuously as you tune your deck, providing instant and valuable feedback during deck design.

The first two shots below show breakdowns of the deck across a specific range of information. This mechanism is ideal for profiling mana curves and other resource utilization within the deck, displaying the result as raw numbers, percentages, and/or bar graphs. The third shot shows configurable statistics for the deck that are invaluable during tuning. And the final shot shows a probability graph of drawing a card combination over a range of draws. Multiple card combinations can be profiled simultaneously, with instant updating as changes are made to the deck, so you can tune your deck easily for the combinations it is built upon.