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–  Support  –

Here is where you'll find all the various support resources for Card Vault. These resources include standard product support information, such as the FAQ, trouble-shooting tips, and a whole lot more.

Support Resources

This section outlines a few important user resources, such as the Card Vault discussion forum.

Important Bugs of Note

A few bugs invariably make it through testing. However, if we find an important one, we'll flag it here so you're aware of it.

Solutions to Common Problems

Here are a few common problems reported by users, along with solutions for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Just what it says. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about Card Vault and provided answers in this section.

Tips and Suggestions

When we come up with ideas you can use to make better use of Card Vault, this section is where they'll be found.

Patches and Updates

For information on the latest updates to Card Vault, please see the Downloads section. Simply install the latest version to update your system.

License Management

If you have questions or difficulties with your Card Vault license, this is where to look for answers.

Authoring Kit

This section provides support for those of you making use of the Authoring Kit to create data files or edit existing files.