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–  Support Resources  –

There are a number of resources available to Card Vault users that you can take advantage of. These resources are described below.

User Discussion Forum

We've created a discussion forum where users can share ideas about Card Vault and ask questions about the product. Many of the Card Vault "experts" (i.e. seasoned data file writers) participate on the forum, as does our development staff, so you can usually get valuable assistance very quickly through the forum.

The forum is completely free and is hosted by us on this web site. You can access the forum via your web browser or by email, with numerous options available. You can access the forum by following this link and clicking the 'Forums' link on the left:

Card Vault Discussion Forum

Data File Author Support

If you have created data files for a game system for which no data files have been released yet, we want to know about it! Let us know and we'll happily setup an author account for you. What's an author account? An author account enables you to log into our server and post information about the data files that you've created so that other Card Vault users can make use of your hard work. By simply filling out a short web-based form, you can instantly notify all Card Vault users of your data files via the product's integrated update notification mechanism. To get setup with an author account, please contact technical support for further details.